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Health benefits of dried apricot

Health benefits of dried apricots

   The apricot looks a little fruity, but in terms of taste and taste, there is no reflection of the raw apricot.

      The apricot comes in two colors white and yellow. It is also obtained by drying the apricot oil, which is used to cure headaches - even if it is dried, its benefits. It doesn't matter. So you can eat dry apricots anytime because it is available all year long and the benefits remain the same.

     Apricot is one of the best food for many health benefits. Apricot has an Axer status for people with a bad mood. Eat only ten astringent foods. It is more harmful to eat apricots. Eat more nuts after eating apricots, as it helps to reduce its damage. Don't eat raw apricots and it causes bloating.

     Apricot plants are cultivated all over the world. Apricot jam, squash, sauce, and pickles are also eaten with great fondness. Eat all year long. Dry apricots are available in the market throughout the year Apricots are digested a little sooner. 

Best health benefits of dried apricots

Here are some best health benefits of dried apricots.

Effective in constipation

       Apricot Fruits are helpful in constipation. It strengthens the body and reduces thirst intensities. It reduces inflammation and useful in the stomach - Apricot kills stomach pests. Yes - Eating apricots increases the blood, it relieves the complaints.

Eradicates gastrointestinal problems

      Eating apricots eliminates heavy gastrointestinal irritation, irritation, and gas. For this, you should eat eight dry apricots in the morning, then drink a glass of lukewarm butter for at least ten days. Apricot also cures a sore throat, colds, and colds - even if there is a puff in the mouth, it will help to relax.

Relieve pains

        If there is joint pain, eating its nuts, she will get rid of all sorts of minor pains. If the smell of the mouth is lack of sleep and the stomach feels full, Grind black pepper and black on top and take one tablespoon of it in the morning for breakfast.

Good for hair

       Apricot nuts are very useful for the hair of the head. Its use keeps the hair healthy and strong and maintains its color. It also helps in getting rid of the dryness of the hair. Applying oil on the face eliminates dandruff and rub a little light on the oils of the oil.

Heals hemorrhoids

     If grind its nuts and herbs and put them in a glass and put them in a glass, take her daily with a teaspoon of milk for at least three months. Do this. Bloody hemorrhoids will stop bleeding. Patients must use vegetables and fruits. Eating dry apricots also makes the body fat.


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