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Ear Piercing Health Benefits for Male and Female

Ear piercing health benefits

In this article you will read;
  1. What are the health benefits of ear piercing
  2. Improves brain health
  3. It aids vision
  4. Improves hearing ability
  5. It helps indigestion
  6. Improves memory
  7. Improves brain health
  8. Boosts energy and relieve pain
  9. Aids in the reproductive system
  10. For the health of the uterus
  11. Provide safety against infections
  12. Increase intelligence
  13. Acupressure
  14. Control Hysteria and panic
  15. Ear piercing locations
  16. What is the best time to do it?
It is common for women to wear earrings around the world, sometimes men also like to pierce their ears and wear various ornaments. 

Many girls have their ears pierced when they are children. Although it may sound very painful, of course, it is not done without reason. Apart from the beauty of making earring holes, It has several health benefits for both males and females! Want to know what health benefits can be obtained from this? Listen to the end, yes! 

In Hinduism, one of the 16 religious and traditional tasks that must be performed in the life of a human being is ear piercing. Decorating an ear with different jewelry not only adds beauty to the personality, but you will also be surprised to know that there are numerous health benefits.  

The ear lobe is connected to different vital parts of the body, and the different types of treatment are very important for the treatment of various diseases.  

What are the health benefits of ear piercing?

The same principle is used in the principles of eco-pressure to make the brain cells healthy and functional. Reduction in Mental illness Since the ear lobe has a deep connection to the brain, putting pressure on this location reduces and relieves many mental disorders.  

Energy is said to be equal to the energy in the body of those who regularly wear earrings. Improved vision is also the center of low vision of the ear, putting pressure on this area improves vision.  

This part of the ear is connected to a point that affects the vision of the eye. Piercing here will increase eyesight.

Improves hearing ability

Improved vision aids Improve hearing too. Early ear protection prevents the elderly from hearing loss and numbness in the ears. 

Improves the digestive system

Stressing the auxiliary ear lobe also improves the digestive system. It causes the digestion of the food quickly, reducing the chance of obesity. 

Improvement in reproductive health 

It has an impact on the health of an individual's reproductive organs. Certain points are located on the auricles, which are important for maintaining your reproductive health. Having piercings in the right area can improve one's reproductive health.

According to Hindu Ayurveda, ear lobes are an important part of the body and are related to reproductive health. 

Earrings improve women's reproductive health and menstrual system. Increasing the fertility of men Likewise, this process also increases the fertility of men, which is why in some religious traditions the baby must be pierced.

According to experts, the right age of earthing should be done at a very young age, very beneficial for mental and physical health. 

For the health of the uterus

It is very important for the health of the uterus. This will also help in accurate menstruation in the future. There is a point in the middle of the ear. This point is related to the health of the uterus and genitals.

Improve Memory

The scientific reason why ear piercing is important is to improve your memory. Since this has an impact on brain health, your memory will also be affected. Stimulating meridian points through piercings fosters healthy brain development and ultimately improves memory.

Provide safety against infections

According to the hygiene code, These are good for infections and for boys to avoid problems like hydrocephalus.

Increase intelligence

The other ear piercing benefit is it increases the intelligence level. This point of the ear is related to the health of the brain. Punching here also helps with intelligence.
According to experts in brain development, piercing children's ears helps improve their brain development. The ear lobe is the location that connects the left part of the brain to the right, so piercing this location stimulates the brain.  

Improves brain health

Piercings in the ear affect brain health. This is evident in children who are pierced at a young age. The meridian points located on the earlobe connect the left to right hemispheres of the brain. This area of ​​the brain is activated. 

Boosts Energy & Relieves Pain

One of the great rea piercing health benefits is it boosts energy. According to Ayurveda, it helps maintain energy flow in the body. This is why both men and women get their ears pierced and wear earrings. Wearing earrings on the left ear can also relieve pain in women. For this reason, people often wear earrings on the left ear.


It is also associated with the principle of acupressure. When this part is pierced, pressure is applied. This pressure accelerates the activity of the brain. It is also recommended in children as early as eight months of age.

According to the acupressure principle, there are master sensory and master cerebral points at this point of the ear.

Improve eyesight

Another health benefit of this is it helps to improve eyesight. The middle ear has a direct relationship with the vision in the eye. According to acupuncture, pressure points promote good vision, directly benefiting eye health.

Control Hysteria and panic

The pressure at this point is also very helpful in controlling problems like hysteria and panic.

Ear piercing locations 

In boys, the ear-piercing is first in the right ear. And in the left ear in girls. This is because the left side is associated with the female and the right with the male.

Ear piercings are places where piercing needles or ear piercing guns are made to certain parts of the ear. If you have only one ear hole and want to wear earrings in various parts of your ear, you must first learn the ear-piercing locations. 

How is the healing process in ear piercings?

Though ear-piercing health benefits are also there, sometimes this causes infection. Now that you know about the ear-piercing sites, you may be wondering about the healing process them. Complete recovery in them depends on the piercing type. While the healing process in the ear lobes takes 4 to 5 weeks, the healing process in cartilage piercing can sometimes take up to 1 year.

Do not put your hand to your ear after ear piercing, if there is any discharge or inflammation, clean it with a sterile cotton swab.

What is the best time to do the ear piercing?

It should be chosen on the tenth, twelfth or sixteenth day of the birth of children, or they may be pierced in the sixth, seventh, or eighth month of the baby's age. 

There are differences in ear piercing in some traditions In some traditions the ear is pierced before the puberty of the child, and the piercing of the left ear before piercing the baby's right ear. 

The theory behind this is that the right part contains masculine, and the left part has sexual qualities, so it is believed that piercing the ear toward the right part triggers certain attributes.

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