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How does sleep strengthen the immune system?

sleep strengthen the immune system

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Why sleep is important?

    Just as it is important for an individual to stay calm and improve his financial situation. In the same way, good and complete sleep is very important for human health.

There are two types of sleep: 

  • Physical sleep 
  • Non-physical sleep
      Abnormal sleep includes fatigue, illness, and medication. Sleep is a "physical sleep" that protects health and immunity and enhances physical strength. Physical sleep is a state during which new cells are formed. Breathing speed is light during sleep but fresh air spreads throughout the lungs. Similarly, heart rate is also slightly light but strong. Fresh and clean blood is being produced.

At the same time, if germs are injected into the bloodstream, they also become ineffective, but germs that cannot be cleared during sleep, and have been attacked by the immune system during sleep, can also be used to protect themselves. Releases toxins, which disrupts sleep and weakens the immune system. The only way to get rid of a strong immune system is to wake the sleeper.

      During sleep, a person's arteries and veins dilate, meaning that the blood circulates throughout the body through the wide and wide veins and arteries, along with all its cells, the red cells, the white cells, the cells that are important for blood clotting. White blood cells, the main cells of the immune system, kill all the organs and cells where germs grow, or in the form of pus grains in different parts of the body. Excreted from the body. To this end, physicians instruct anyone with a white rash to clean their blood.

     In addition, during sleep, the brain secretes certain hormones, which are beneficial for some people and harmful for others, such as melatonin: a hormone that is secreted from sleeping in the dark. It cures cancer, but the disadvantage is that if it is too much, the color turns black. People who are accustomed to sleeping in a dark room, often have a dull and hard skin.

      Another hormone, cortisol, is also secreted by the brain. The benefit is that it raises the amount of sugar in the blood, so this hormone is sure to guarantee the health of the liver, heart, blood and brain, but the morning sugar of the diabetic patient 'fasting sugar' increases. 

     All the organs of the body are also incorporating their own secretions into the bloodstream during physical sleep. If the body has an abundance of phosphorus, the bone marrow is formed during sleep. The pulp is responsible for sending white and red blood cells into the bloodstream. Thus, a good night's sleep is important for boosting the immune system, and a person who does not get enough sleep has a weakened immune system. Sleep is as important as food for body strength and development.

Determining the amount of sleep

     People of different ages have different sleep patterns, ie 12 hours for newborns, 9 hours for young people, 5-6 hours for young people and 4 hours for the elderly, but according to ancient physicians, each person needs to rest. The determination of sleep depends on the mental and physical exertion of the person, that is, as much as a person is tired, until the fatigue is over, sleep peacefully until the body begins to feel heavy, then he must wake up. Otherwise, the negative effects of sleep, such as excessive fiber, yellow color, lethargy, etc. occur.


 What to do if you can't sleep?

     It is not possible to get enough sleep during workload and on exam days. In this case, it is advisable to rest for a while in a room where there is less light in the afternoon. Eat foods that can provide energy but do not become a burden on the stomach. For example, dates, barley porridge. 

How to boost immunity?

     People who suffer from insomnia should take vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins D, E, and C. In addition to boosting the immune system, these vitamins also help prevent cancer, heart and lung diseases. If anyone is experiencing vomiting, convulsions, or abdominal pain from their use, consider the expiration date of the medication. This has happened many times and the patients had taken the medicine from the famous pharmacy of the city. Among the natural herbs used to enhance immunity are Asgandh, Brahmi, Jansing, Watermelon, Apple, Guava, Dates, Mangoes, Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachios.


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