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7 Best Yoga Asanas That Boost Fertility In Males


How Yoga can help?

Yoga practice not only demonstrates the healing impact on the body, mind as well as individual’s soul, but this is something that can also assist you in improving your fertility level & chances of conception.

Since attaining professional success has become one of the major priorities among the modern individuals of today’s time. Stress, depression along many other health issues has become much more prevalent. The impact of such associated health disorders may not be visible fast but this is seriously going to have a long-term & detrimental impact on the physiological along with mental well-being of the individual. Today infertility in males is the most prevalent consequence of ongoing stress & hectic lifestyles.

Irrespective of expert medical support & regular attempts, there are quite a large number of couples today who are incapable of conceiving.

In case, you are under a similar scenario, then you can embrace the age-old, healing yoga practice in Cenforce 100 to improve your ed & maintain overall health as well.

There are several yoga poses for boosting male fertility. Here is a list of 7 yoga asanas that can give a significant boost to the fertility & wellness of males.

7 yoga asanas that can give a significant boost to male fertility

Surya Namaskara

This type of yoga asanas involves an extensive array of poses that are capable of assisting out a improve blood flow all throughout the body. This form of exercise enhances the flexibility of the body along with carrying out its toning. Also, another benefit of this asana is on physical health as it is going to improve the quantity & quality of the sperm count in males.

Kumbhak Asana

This is another interesting yoga pose that involves attaining just a basic of the plank posture. The Kumbha asana plays an extremely eminent role in toning the abdominal muscle of the individual & cutting down the tummy fat. At the same time, it has a positive impact on the improvement of male fertility by enhancing sperm quality.


This yoga exercise is in the form of a bowing posture which has the capability to enhance blood flow.

The reproductive region of the males, thereby Fildena 100 to the enhancement in the overall physical wellness.

This asana is also well known for its capability to prevent out erectile dysfunction along with premature ejaculation which are the most common physical illnesses found in males.


This type of yoga asanas is in the form of a seated forward bending posture. It is capable of carrying out the simulation of the nerve cells which are present in the sympathetic system, lying down towards the pit of the stomach (solar plexus).

This form of exercise carries out toning of all the muscles which are capable of extending the support to the reproductive region, thereby preventing the condition of impotence, another physical illness.


This type of asanas is also considered as the cobra posture.

In fact, the bhujanasana even got its remarkable name as it is resembling the pose which is taken by the cobra snake before carrying out it is attacked.

This type of yoga exercise has its importance in curing many different types of health conditions.

Bhujangasana is capable of relieving the individual from the stress that is occurring in the back muscles with the spine.

It is also well known for normal functioning & boosting the health of the reproductive system, thereby enhancing the overall fertility in males.


This posture involves standing bent in the forward direction.

It is functioning in a strikingly similar manner just like the yoga pose known by the name of uttanasana. It is exerting an extremely good impact in relieving out the stress of the individual & at the same time calming the nervous system.

Apart from that, this form of yogic exercise is also improving the muscular system & carrying out the stretching of the hip region, legs along the spinal cord. Also, it enhances the blood circulation towards the brain region, thereby boosting overall physical wellness in men.

Setu Bandhasana

This type of asana is also known by the name of bridge pose. This is extremely eminent of the yogic exercise.

which is capable of carrying out the complete rejuvenation as well as the relaxation of the mind with the body.

Since setu bandhasana is capable of carrying out the improvement in the blood flow towards the region of the heart along & other portions of the body.

Thus, it leads to subsequent improvement in the male’s sperm count, Vidalista and Vidalista 60 to improvement in ed.


You can try out some of the striking fertility-boost yoga poses.

which apart from relieving stress level to a considerable extent, carry out the detoxification of the body.

Such yoga asanas are keenly focussing on the pelvic area of males with enhancing blood circulation towards the reproductive region. This imparts strength to the body, improves sperm count, and may improve out the chances of conception as well.

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