Ice pick headache: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Ice pick headache

Primary throbbing headache, also known as “ice pick headache” or “prick and jerk headache” is characterized by severe throbbing pain that strikes without warning and generally lasts 1 to 10 seconds. The shooting pain usually occurs around the eye but may be felt at multiple sites on the trigeminal nerve. Onset typically occurs between 45 … Read more

Treat gum disease (gingivitis) at home

treat gum disease

The health of your mouth is taken into account as a crucial and essential component of your overall health. This is why various dental and gastrointestinal diseases stand back from you, including gum swelling. Gums should also be as healthy as your teeth – your gums should be clean solid and pink in color.  Gingivitis … Read more

9 Best Foods to cure Infertility naturally

cure infertility naturally

¬†Infertility is a curse The offspring may be a great blessing given naturally. Many people are deprived of this blessing. Despite such expensive treatments, they are unable to restore their ability to produce children. But here we are describing some of the methods which can help you to cure infertility. Scientists say that the growth … Read more