Depression is not sadness it is a disease

Every human being has to go through different stages in his life. Sometimes those stages are so easy that the colors of happiness are scattered in life and sometimes those stages become so difficult that one feels bored with one’s life. Some people are motivated by their abilities and courage and continue their life in … Read more

How depression is different from ungratefulness?

The difference between depression and ungratefulness         A few days ago I attended a reunion of old friends. We all sat down and talked about our personal and professional lives, and whether we found our spouses or not, or whether we became parents. We also talked about our achievements and personal struggles. … Read more

How to treat depression naturally at home?

   Have you ever been frustrated or depressed? What the person in the world does not suffer from this condition due to other problems including misery, financial difficulties, and unemployment, and these are generally considered to be the leading causes of it Contents But even if it doesn’t happen, you are suffering from it and there … Read more