Some bad myths about food

It is very important to take care of your diet because if we eat better then we will be able to live a better life, but with the passage of time, many things related to diet came to light which people believed in with their eyes closed. For example, people with diabetes can consume sugar-free … Read more

Why is there a line under the nose?

 Why there is a line under the nose of humans? Have you ever wondered why there is a line above the lips and below the nose and what its purpose is?It is called ‘Philtrum’ in medical parlance and in practice, it is not for any purpose or aimless. Where does the dimple between the nose … Read more

How does divorce affect children?

How does divorce affect children’s life? Big changes, such as divorce, can have a devastating effect on children of all ages, from infants to teenagers and young children. It is natural that every child has a different personality and Reactions may vary, but the general effects may vary with age. Breastfed babies: They can have problems … Read more

How does the birth order affect you?

 Every child has a different personality than his or her siblings, and according to science, the order of birth can affect personal strengths or weaknesses to some extent. Another important reason is that every parent’s approach to raising a child can be different and it can be good or bad. Birth order you and your … Read more

Never search these 11 things on Google

The world of the internet is deserted without Google. From automobiles to virtual reality headsets and smart contact lenses, Google has many projects, but its real identity is the search engine. Never search these things on google search engine And everyone searches for something on Google every day, but there are some things that should … Read more