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Best diet plan for diabetics to lose weight

Diet plan for diabetics

In this article ''Diet plan for weight loss for diabetics'' what you will read;

 What to Eat or Not to Eat?

     This is an important question asked by diabetics. Diabetes is a disease that causes invasiveness due to insufficient or excessive insulin in the body. And for lack of treatment, it can cause problems for the patient, such as increased vision, gradual weight gain, constant fatigue, memory impairment, and brain bleeding.

         Although controlling diabetes for these patients is nothing short of a challenge, but not impossible, full nutrition and regular exercise can help to get rid of the disease. The nutritional strategies of these patients They suggest that it can be very easy to control blood sugar if they are getting a balanced diet such as carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, and the necessary calories.

Diet  for weight loss for diabetics

       For diabetes patients, American Writer Daniel Dreis Dean and Registered Dimension Natalia Hitler set up a 7-day diet plan containing 1,200 calories, which will help these patients to control diabetes and also weight loss. Contains nutrients such as complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fats, while limiting saturated fat and sodium, which are detrimental to the patient's health and responsible for weight gain.

First Day

  Breakfast: Half a cup of oatmeal (half a cup of milk or water), medium-sized potato tea (finely chopped), two walnuts (potatoes with walnuts and walnuts can be used) AM Snacks: Three-quarters cups of blueberries, A quarter cup of greased yogurt lunch: two tablespoons of wheat slices, two tablespoons green mustard, half medium-sized apples, uncooked chicken breast with no skin, two tablespoons pumpkin cheddar cheese, one cup seasonal green vegetables ( All of these things can be prepared in a sandwich) PM Snacks: Medium-sized apples, half a teaspoon of honey and pinch of sugar dinner: Two and a half cups of weight loss green Soup, toast thing marbles.

The second day

Breakfast: One oatmeal, three quarters cups blueberries, one ounce of almonds, one teaspoon seedling Lunch: salad, 2 fresh spinach, two ounces grilled chicken breast, half a cup of chickpeas, half a small size of Eva Doo, three quarters Stir-roasted truffles, one-quarter cup of pumpkin, carrots, two tablespoons dressing snacks: 1 tbsp, one-fourth cup, one-night cups with cheeses: Tail oatmeal 3/2 cup guns, roasted eggplant, two tablespoons dried tomatoes. Printed five-digit olive oil, one tablespoon vinegar, fresh basil.

Third day

Breakfast: One egg or two eggs to make dairy omelet (spinach, mushroom, bell pepper, avocado) Lunch with half a cup of black beans and a cup of berries: Promise High Fiber Green Bread, one tablespoon grilled yogurt, one tablespoon mustard, Devoness candy with broken pumpkin carrots, a cup of tomato buns, a small apple dinner: half a cup of corn and beans, one-half ounce cornbread, a tablespoon butter buttermilk chicken, half a cup of fresh pineapple.

Fourth day

Breakfast: sweet potato toast, one ounce of gourd cheese, spinach, one tablespoon linseed seeds Lunch: one ounce roasted chicken, one tablespoon salad dressing, one cup of raw cabbage, one cup of fresh berries snacks: one cup without grease Dinner with yogurt, half banana: a two-thirds cup of quinoa (seasonal herbs), a cup of tofu (a backpack made from sliced ​​soybeans), a cup of cooked Chinese spinach, a cup of steamed flowers. Cabbage, 2 tablespoons olive oil.

The fifth day

Breakfast: lunch with one-third cup of high-fiber cereal (oatmeal), a cup of berries, a cup of flax country protein: salad, duck spinach, a quarter cup of tomato, an ounce of cheddar cheese, a boiled egg, Two tablespoons yogurt dressing, quarter cup grapefruit, one tablespoon pumpkin seeds, one-quarter cup boiled grammy snacks: Dinner with one cup celery one tablespoon pint butter: boneless salmon, medium-sized baked potatoes one tablespoon Butter, one and a half cups of boiled sparges.

Sixth day

Breakfast: One cup low-fat Greek yogurt (yogurt) with mashed bananas, one cup of berries, one cup sliced ​​banana lunch: two cornbread, one-third cup beans, low-fat cheese coleslaw (salads which Snacks for kerma kale raw beans), two small potatoes for mediocre dressing: one round tomato, 10 small carrots, and two tablespoons Hummus (a thick salad made from crushed Egyptian gram and sesame oil with lemon and garlic) at night. Dining: Six ounces of the baked alley, one and a half cups of steamed broccoli, one tablespoon butter, two-quarter cups of strawberries, medicinal grilled meat.

The seventh day

Breakfast: A cup of cooked oatmeal, a spoonful of chocolate, a spoonful of pint butter and a spoonful of sliced ​​butter: two cups: drinking bread, half a cup of cucumber, half a cup of tomato, half a cup of lentils, half a cup of leafy vegetables, two tablespoons salad dressing. Dinner: roasted salmon, a cup of peas, a tablespoon of butter, a cup of roasted beets, a cup of white beans and a tablespoon of vinegar


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