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Can dogs eat potatoes? | Information without myths

When it comes to caring for dogs, an important point is a food, and that is why many people wonder if dogs can eat potatoes? This being a very common food in our kitchens and by which our dog can be attracted.

    This question may sound trivial to some people, but it is actually more crumb than meets the eye because there are some confusing ideas about whether potatoes are good or bad for dogs. So can dogs eat potatoes? Here is the answer !:

    Can dogs eat potatoes?
    Can dogs eat potatos?

    Can dogs eat potatoes?

    The good part is that this toxic alkaloid disappears when we boil the potatoes. That is to say, to give potatoes to the dogs without hurting them, it is enough to boil them, and thus any resentment is avoided. In this way, we can give our dog potatoes without fear. The rules for feeding potatoes to our dogs are:

    • Do not give raw potatoes to a dog, do not have potato plants near them because dogs have a special gift for eating the most unlikely things. -A being that is capable of swallowing a plastic, a mussel shell, or a used sock ... without a doubt, it is capable of eating potato chips 
    • Give your dog potatoes as part of his diet without fear because they are great, but always boiled potatoes! Boiled potatoes are healthy and not fattening, they have about  140 kilocalories per 100 grams.
    • As an advice, Give your dog the boiled potatoes with skin (well washed before boiling), because the skin of the potatoes contributes potassium, sodium, and fiber.
    • And finally, dogs don't need salt as a condiment, so when you cook potatoes or anything else for them, no salt is better!

    Potato hurts dogs, right?

    I have read comments on the internet and seen a YouTube video (with many views, by the way) in which it is stated that dogs should not eat potatoes because potatoes are harmful to dogs. That is flatly false. And it's a shame because those videos have thousands of views and the information that they are releasing to the public is simply not true.

    The potato is a tuber native to the Andes, which grows underground and is one of the basic foods of humanity. It is grown and consumed everywhere, and it will be for a reason!

    The reality is that the potato is good food for dogs, which are carnivores, but "wide-sleeved", let's say. That is, certainly, the diet of dogs should be based on meat but it can also be supplemented with a percentage of potatoes, rice, vegetables, and some fruits.

    And speaking of potatoes,  what does the potato contribute to dogs in nutritional terms? Well, potatoes or potatoes have these benefits for dogs:

    • They are a source of slow-absorbing carbohydrates. That is, it is energy, but healthier than if we gave it in the form of rapidly absorbed sugars.
    • potatoes are a source of fiber for dogs, and even more so if eaten with their skin
    • contain B vitamins
    • potatoes or potatoes contain minerals such as selenium or potassium
    • potatoes are low in calories. This may surprise you, but it is so. Boiled potatoes are not very fattening, which is interesting especially if your dog is obese or has a tendency to gain weight.

    One hundred grams of boiled potatoes have about 140 kilocalories. On the other hand, one hundred grams of pasta or rice, which are also carbohydrates, are above 250 kilocalories. Therefore, for a dog with a tendency to gain weight, it would be more interesting to opt for potatoes as a supplement to their diet.

    Another great advantage of potatoes is their low price, compared to other foods. So if you need to save, or really need to make your dog's recipes cheaper, adding a little potato is a good option so that his food will spread you more.

    Can dogs eat potatoes or are they toxic?

    Here is the crux of the matter ... Cooked potato is not toxic to dogs. What is toxic to cats and dogs is:

    • the raw potatoes, when bearing a saved time and begin to turn green
    • the outbreaks in the potatoes when they start to sprout
    • the leaves and stem of potato plants
    This is because raw potatoes and the potato plant contain a substance called solanine. Solanine is a bitter and toxic compound, both for animals (dogs and cats) and for humans, did you know? That is, you should not eat raw potatoes with green sprouts either. Although more or less, by common sense, we do not.

    Obviously, not all dogs are equally strong or resistant, but in general, it must be said that the solanine present in raw potato sprouts is a substance that can be toxic even in small doses. So?

    Can dogs eat potatoes French fries?

    If you wonder if dogs can eat potato chips, the answer is yes. You can give a dog a few chips and potato chips but in moderation. This is for two reasons, on the one hand, if they are chipped type fries, they come with a lot of salt. And salt is not necessary for the diet of dogs. In fact, it can be quite detrimental to your health (and humans, too!).

    The second reason is that French fries have many more calories than boiled potatoes. We said that when boiled they had about 140 kilocalories per one hundred grams. Well, French fries can reach 450 kilocalories per 10 grams. This, as you can see, makes the French fries much more caloric and fattening much more than the boiled ones.

    In conclusion, if one day as an exception you want to give your dog some of your French fries as a treat so that he can try them, yes you can. But you should not give him a lot of chips, or do it every day. It is not a toxic food for dogs, but they are quite fattening, and have added salt. It is much better to add boiled potatoes to the diet of our dogs.


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