Best ways to prevent headache

prevent headache


Useful Tips to prevent headache

The physicians of old used to cover their lack of knowledge by calling it evaporation and gas when they did not understand the disease, whereas today, despite the availability of all modern medical and diagnostic tools, when a physician diagnoses a disease. When he is unable to diagnose, he saves himself by calling it tension, depression, and anxiety.

Whether it is flatulence or gas, tension or symptoms of depression, the sufferer in each case knows what is going on. Most of the people around us are complaining of headaches. It is an incurable disease that can engulf you at any time, in any place and in any condition. Man must get frost at some point.

Causes of headache

The causes of headaches vary. Usually, the presence of toxic substances in the blood causes a state of pain. Physical Fatigue, High Blood Pressure, Low Blood Pressure, Low Blood Sugar Levels, Lack of Oxygen in the Blood, Stomach Upset, Liver Diseases, Chronic Constipation, Stress and Nervous Stress, Severe Heat or Cold Attack, Fever, Flu, Chronic Colds, over-exposure to bile, sudden trauma, hearing any good or bad news, and environmental effects can cause headaches.

Dozens of headaches are easily triggered at any given time. Unnecessary noise, noise of car horns and environmental pollution, bright light, bright sun, scent or bad smell etc. can also cause headaches.

Headache symptoms

Often there is pain in the head. Sometimes there is a feeling of pain in different parts of the head. Sometimes there is sweating along with the pain and sometimes there is vomiting and nausea. Sometimes due to extreme heat. When there is a headache, there is irritation in the eyes, fever, hot scalp and dryness of the nostrils of the tongue and nose, while in the headache caused by the predominant cold, the senses are confused, the touch of the head is cold and the face is down. Is.

Sometimes some people have severe headaches. Migraines are called migraines and their causes and treatment are different from headaches. There will be a separate article on migraines.

Home Remedies to prevent headache

Symptoms of headaches are very important. Because whenever there is a headache due to high blood pressure, extreme caution is required and sodium-free medicine should be given to avoid further trouble. In case of pain, the pain is manifested in the back and lower part of the head. Similarly, in case of low blood pressure, the condition of pain is usually severe towards the forehead. In such cases, the use of any medicine which raises the blood pressure should be avoided. There is a risk of reduction.

Headaches caused by high blood pressure can be relieved by normalizing blood pressure. In the same way, it is important to keep the blood pressure normal in order to get rid of the headaches that appear due to low blood pressure. Frequent consumption of a balanced diet full of energy and nutrition can reduce the low blood pressure. The chase can be redeemed.

When stomach ailments are the cause of headaches, use fennel, 5 grams, white cumin 5 grams and cardamom microscopy in 1 cup of water as a coffee.

When headaches are caused due to mental weakness, then nutritious and nutritious food is required. To overcome mental weakness, almond kernel, nut kernel, walnut kernel, carrot, herd, book, apple, banana, poppy, Appropriate use of cinnamon, fennel, black pepper, oud, Brahmi, milk, desi ghee, butter, dates, eggs, ginger, amla, and balchhar, etc. also proves to be useful.

When the headache is due to dryness of the brain, along with the diet, you should also massage the oils which externally stimulate the brain, such as pumpkin oil, almond oil, and lip balm, etc. To get rid of dryness of the mind as well as physical dryness. Applying a few drops of almond oil in both ears and navel daily has immense benefits.

Similarly, if the headache is due to constipation, then constipation should be relieved first. Use millions and millions of anti-constipation foods. Mixing one teaspoon of sugar in lukewarm milk also relieves constipation.

To prevent headaches caused by stress and nervous tension, it is important to try to avoid stress and nervous tension. Be happy all the time, try to keep others happy too. Feelings of jealousy, lust, hatred, resentment and anger avoid sleep as much as possible, get at least eight hours of sleep daily and rest after work. If possible, play any sport that is a daily exercise that is both physical and mental refreshing. Brought


Patients with high blood pressure should use less salt and fat. Excessive consumption of meat can also be harmful. People with chronic constipation should consume more raw vegetables, fruits and fruit juices. Meat, spices, fats, sweets, cola drinks, bakery products, chocolates, ice cream, eggplant, lentils, lentils, rice It is good to avoid coffee and smoking and alcohol as much as possible. To stay permanently safe from headaches, make blood circulatory exercises an essential part of your daily routine.

Note! When you have a persistent headache, set your medication and diet together with a specialist without wasting time on ear tips to avoid any major risks.

Nutritional treatment, an easy way to get healthy

Nutritional treatment, an easy way to get healthy

We read and hear every day that modern scientific research has discovered the benefits of turmeric, cloves, ginger, and various other items!

We are amazed at the knowledge of those who write and say such things that the information or medical features that are being advertised as breaking news today, doctors have said a lot about these unique ingredients centuries ago.

 In view of the complexities of the disease, "compounds" in medicine are subject to changes in human temperament and physical needs. It was also considered necessary to make the treatment customary. Even today, wise physicians prefer treatment with unique ingredients, proper diet, and an effective diet according to the patient's mood, condition, and physical needs, but sometimes the patient's mood deteriorates. In the event of a disturbance in physical condition and disruption of physical needs, the patient's well-being is paramount in trying to get rid of the disease with "compound" medicine and food.

Here we are describing the properties of individual plants. Human beings are divided into four temperaments.

Bloody temperament: 

Naturally warm-hearted, young aspirants and new waves are considered to have a bloody temperament. Unnecessary protein foods are harmful to them and light green leafy foods are very beneficial for them. The use of moderate and strong nutrients in terms of temperament is useful to them. People born under the planet Jupiter also have a bloody temperament.

Phlegmatic temperament: 

People with phlegmatic temperaments have a cold and wet nature. They are cold, cheap and easygoing. Eating any food with a bad temper like rice, milk, curd, cabbage, okra, potato, capsicum, banana, watermelon, etc. can cause mucus problems. Clove, Cinnamon, Ginger, Black Pepper Proper use of white cumin, onion, garlic and nutmeg, and jalutri gives relief and well-being in nature. People under the influence of Moon and Venus have the phlegmatic temperament.

Bile temperament: 

People with biliary moods get angry and sweat a lot on the forehead. Especially when eating, their nose and forehead get drenched in sweat. Naturally, they are active and do their best all the time. Sometimes there is a fever in the hands and feet. Bile people eat meat, eggs, fenugreek, eggplant, lentils, hot spices, dates, figs, etc., which cause heaviness and restlessness in the body, while all the foods that damage the phlegm are bile. Useful for people. People with the Sun and Mars are bilious.

Business temperament:

 Traders have cold and dry properties. Such people suffer from irritability and dark complexion. They like solitude but they also suffer from lack of sleep. Holders of Saturn and Mercury have a sweet temperament.

Some plants that will help you to get healthy

Here are some unique plants that have been used in these various diseases for centuries, full of useful and healing effects and help you to get healthy:


 It has many types and different colors. Among them, purple color is said to be the best and quickest benefit. It is considered to be a source of immense benefits in the treatment of colds, flu and cough. It also has unparalleled benefits in fever and burning sensation of hands and feet. It has a colder temperament and due to its own properties, it causes relief by eliminating the increased heat in the mood. Violet syrup and violet syrup have been used for centuries.


Bansal is a spontaneous herb and due to its natural antiseptic properties, it is considered to be the best medicine for epidemic and viral diseases especially chest diseases like TB, asthma, cough and shortness of breath Due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, bamboo is also used to remove blood stench. Giving bamboo coffee to patients suffering from cold, flu, cough and fever proves to have immediate effect.


 Liquorice has been present in our homes for centuries. It is considered to be extremely useful in sore throat and hoarseness. It is naturally full of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties which can cure throat, throat and lung diseases. It is considered to be extremely beneficial. It is the best helper in restoring the flow of air by eliminating the inflammation of the airways.

Fennel Seed

 Fennel is a must in our homes and chewing it after eating increases digestion. Fennel is considered a natural antibiotic and antibacterial plant. It softens the arteries by removing the accumulated material. At the same time, it cooks the raw mucus and enables it to pass out easily. It speeds up digestion and relieves evaporation from the stomach. Frequent use of fennel sharpens the eyesight and prevents water from flowing from the eyes.


 Turmeric has been an integral part of our kitchens and has been carefully incorporated into various curries and dishes for centuries. It has a warm and dry flavor and is naturally rich in antibiotic properties and eliminates all forms of internal inflammation. The best natural medicine for gastric and intestinal ulcers, inflammation of the uterus and inflammation of the liver. The best treatment for white cataracts is to mix rose water in the eyes. Regular use of it enhances the body's immune system and also reduces the effects of aging due to its anti-aging properties.


 Amaltas has been found to have amazing benefits in throat and chest diseases for centuries. It has an unparalleled effect in sore throat and pain.

Dry hyacinth

In terms of temperament, Dry hyacinth is hot and dry and is rich in natural antibiotic properties. It excretes mucus and removes pneumonia and eliminates chronic cough. It also relieves colds and shortness of breath. It coffee also removes waste products and insects from the stomach. Its use dissolves the blood and inflammation accumulated in any part of the body and causes relief and relief. In asthma and shortness of breath, the syrup of Dry hyacinth has the best benefits.


Ginger is considered an essential part of our kitchens and is almost always added when cooking vegetables, pulses and meat. The use of ginger boosts the body's immune system and helps prevent the harmful effects of cholesterol and uric acid. The body protects the human body. Ginger strengthens digestion, memory and stomach. It also removes mucus and saliva from the body and strengthens the nerves. Dried ginger is called ginger. It also gives excellent benefits in joint pain, back pain and sciatica pain due to its excretion of pus, mucus and salty substances.

Black Pepper

Black pepper, also called black pepper, is found in abundance in our homes all the time and it is also the best in terms of medical benefits. Its temperament is hot and dry and it is unique in asthma, cough and throat diseases. Has benefits. Medical experts use it to keep blood flow and circulation in balance. Pepper is also an excellent natural source of oxygen to the bloodstream and to the hair follicles of the body. ۔

Loss of appetite: Why don't we feel hungry?

Loss of appetite

What is hunger and why does it feel?

When the organs are in need of food, they ask for food from the veins to suck, as well as the veins from their place of origin (the liver) and the liver from the vas deferens (mesenchymal arteries) and these veins from the stomach. Demand The mouth of the stomach (the mouth of the stomach) is smart (sensitive to the skin) so it is affected by the process of sucking.

At the same time, as a steroid, 'soda' falls from the spleen into the stomach, causing the stomach to constrict. This condition is called hunger (appetite). If there is a fraction left in any of these conditions, then there is a decrease in appetite.

Is loss of appetite a symptom of a disease or a disease in itself?

Keep in mind that lack of appetite indicates cold (heat) or heat (heat) of the liver as both of these cause the liver to become weak and the stomach does not absorb food (calories) from the stomach. But there are different reasons for this.

Why there is a loss of appetite?

Here are some common reasons for the loss of appetite.

  • Gastritis: Because gastritis hurts, nature hates food.
  • Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is the most common cause of gastric ulcers.
  • Excessive use of fried foods: Because they increase the amount of mucus in the stomach.
  • Excessive digestion and gas-producing foods: Such foods weaken the stomach.
  • Stomach upset: This is because the stomach becomes loose. Observations are observed to reduce appetite in summer,
  • Accumulation of abnormal mixtures in the stomach or all over the body: The presence of bile or salty substances in the stomach irritates the stomach. Sometimes sticky mucus accumulates in the stomach and reduces the feeling of hunger.
  • Obstruction of the passage between the mouth of the stomach and the spleen: In this condition, there is a desire for sour food and thus the appetite begins. If the sensation of the stomach is invalid and therefore there is no feeling of hunger, then there is no difference between eating sour food. Sometimes mental anxieties and traumas lead to loss of appetite. Sometimes it happens that the body is not inclined towards food because the body is inclined towards cooking cold ingredients and nature tries to make it a part of the body. Therefore, the organs stop sucking the food from the veins and the veins from the stomach. Sometimes the abnormal fluids in the body are less dissolved, therefore the appetite is reduced because the demand for food of the organs decreases.
  • In some people, the lack of acid in the stomach reduces appetite.

Symptoms of loss of appetite

1. If the cause of gastrointestinal upset is heat, then there is burning belching, there is less thirst, there is hatred of hot things and there is relief from cold food. And if the mood swings are cool, cold food will be hated. In this case, celery and mint coffee should be drunk.

2. If there is accumulated mucus in the stomach, the patient does not feel thirsty, the patient likes food that is hot and fast. After eating such food, the stomach becomes bloated and there is relief from belching. In this case, we should use cumin and fennel.

3. If bile or salty mucus accumulates in the stomach, then there is irritation, nausea, and vomiting in the stomach and the taste in the mouth is bitter or salty. Cinnamon is useful in such cases.

Sometimes unnecessary substances or mixtures of nausea, vomiting, bad breath, mild bras that have a strong odor. In such cases, vomiting should be done.

4. Liver diseases come in a variety of colors. Improve the liver for this.

5. If the skin of the body is solid and the patient can go without food for a while, then it should be understood that the body fluids are not dissolving. So massage, sweat.

Treatment of loss of appetite in Western medicine

Take Iso Meprazole 20 mg capsules half an hour later with fast-digesting food. If you have a stomach upset, take a teaspoon of potassium alginate and potassium bicarbonate.

It is best to consult a physician before starting this treatment.

Diets and preventions:

Add goat broth, chicken broth, peanut lentils, porridge. Avoid constipation, guide walking. Avoid slow digesting foods. Remember that the easiest treatment for gastrointestinal diseases is diet and proper exercise.

Common sleep disorders and their treatment


Common sleep disorders and their treatment

Sleep is as important to human life as food. If you don't get enough sleep, you will have difficulty in carrying out the tasks of the next day.

Disorders and bad habits of sleep and their treatment

A good night's sleep is essential to the well-being of everyday life. If you do not get a good night's sleep, you may experience fatigue, anxiety and many other psychological problems. Let's take a look at the different disorder and habits that interfere with our sleep during sleep.

Sleep Walking

Walking in sleep is a manifestation of a state between sleep and wakefulness. During this condition, the person gets up from his bed and starts walking and the person suffering from this condition is completely unaware of his movements. This condition can include getting up from bed, going to the bathroom, walking or going out of the house, cleaning and doing various other activities.

People who have nightmares have their eyes open, but they are completely unaware of it. Fatigue, alcoholism, anxiety, illness or the effects of certain medications can also cause a person to suffer from this condition. If the condition worsens, a physician should be consulted. There are a number of ways in which this condition can be alleviated.

Walking in sleep is a manifestation of a state between sleep and wakefulness.

Dream Verbal (Somniluki or Sleep Talking)

Verbal dreaming is also a condition in which a person talks during sleep or in other words makes sounds out of his mouth. During sleep, a person mutters, shouts, and utters strange, meaningless words.

Those voices can be meaningless, as well as exaggerating the situation throughout the day. Psychological problems, alcoholism, insomnia, stress, etc. can also cause nightmares. The person suffering from verbal abuse does not realize his condition at all until his voice is recorded and heard.

This is a harmless habit. No need to worry. Often people with nightmares or nightmares can also suffer from it. There is currently no complete cure, but over time the condition will improve.

You can also get rid of this habit by making a daily sleep schedule, avoiding alcohol, avoiding stress and eating heavy meals at night. If this condition worsens, you should consult a good doctor.

Hyponic jerk (sleep shock)

If a person has a sudden jolt during sleep, this condition is called hypnosis. In this condition, a person may feel as if he is falling from a high place. This condition often occurs at the beginning of sleep or in raw sleep. When we sleep, the muscles of our body become relaxed and we suddenly feel a jolt due to the contraction of the muscles and we wake up. Sleep deprivation is a common cause of fatigue and stress and is a normal manifestation.


People with this condition start falling asleep anytime anywhere, these sleep shocks are so severe that a person suddenly falls asleep. These sleep disturbances can last from a few seconds to several minutes. Driving or machinery work can be dangerous for people with this condition.

The causes of the disease are not completely clear, but experts believe it is a genetic disease. Hormonal changes, stress, abnormal sleep, etc. also cause this disease. In case of severe disease, a doctor should be consulted.

Sleep paralysis

In this condition, the rapid eye movement during sleep (the movement of the eyelids in sleep) awakens our mind, but the body is still at rest and remains paralyzed. The person experiencing this condition sees horrible shapes, nightmares and hallucinations.

In the case of sleep paralysis, rapid eye movement during sleep awakens our mind, but the body is still at rest.

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, there are a number of causes for this condition, including anxiety, alcoholism, depression, and insomnia. Most people consider this condition to be the shadow of giants. You can get rid of this condition by improving your sleep schedule. In case of severity, consult a doctor and some treatment methods can be used to get rid of this condition.


Snoring is when the sounds come out with tremors due to obstruction of breath during sleep. Snoring is not harmful, but its severity can be somewhat harmful and there is a risk of stroke or heart attack.

Snoring can have many causes, including obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease or alcoholism. Snoring can be a nuisance for your partner. The good news is that snoring can now be cured to some extent or at least controlled, for which it is best to consult a good physician.

Shortness of breath due to obstruction of breath during sleep is called snoring.

Feeling hungry in sleep

Sleep deprivation and severe hunger are a disease that the sufferer is unaware of. He wakes up at night and eats, which can lead to obesity. The specific causes of this may not be discovered, but it can be due to stress, dieting, anxiety, nightmares or even nightmares.

Sleep Abuse (Hyper Somnia)

In this condition, the person feels severe sleep during the day and during work. Unfortunately, despite sleeping, he does not get enough sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, up to 40% of people have been affected at some point.

A person can also suffer from sleep deprivation, weight gain, alcoholism, stress or injury. You can get rid of this condition immediately by consulting a good doctor.

Restless Legs Syndrome

Some people have a habit of constantly shaking their legs due to restlessness in their legs during sleep, which is annoying to many people. It can cause burning, itching, fatigue, iron deficiency, alcohol and coffee abuse.

This condition can be controlled with the help of massage and exercise. The severity of the condition can be a cause for concern, so a good doctor should be consulted.

Some bad myths about food

It is very important to take care of your diet because if we eat better then we will be able to live a better life, but with the passage of time, many things related to diet came to light which people believed in with their eyes closed.

For example, people with diabetes can consume sugar-free sweets or beverages, or sugar-free or diet drinks are extremely harmful to health.

Some myths about food

Here are some myths about foods that people have been relying on for a long time, but they are not true.

Anything wrong after 6 p.m.

Some misconceptions about food

How many times do we hear that we should not eat anything after 6 pm, because it causes weight gain, but in fact there is no truth in it, it is just an illusion, our body does not know that What is happening at the moment? However, it is forbidden to eat a full meal at night because food is digested late at bedtime. However, it is not good to sleep without eating anything.

Fat food makes you fatty

Some misconceptions about food

Fat free food, these words are listed on many items that people who want to lose weight buy, but did you know that fat is very important for our good health, because our body has many vitamins. Can't use unless the fats help them.

Frozen vegetables are not as effective as fresh vegetables

Some misconceptions about food

The general idea is that frozen vegetables are not as good as fresh vegetables, which may be one of the main reasons why they are fresh, but the best way is to buy a vegetable frozen when it is not in season and when it is in season. Better fresh.

It is necessary to drink 8 glasses of water a day

Some misconceptions about food

It is very important to protect the body from dehydration, but it is not necessary to drink 8 glasses of water a day, because the body gets water from other things like tea, fruits and vegetables, but it is very important to drink water. But 8 glasses is not necessary for everyone, it is very important to keep them safe from dehydration.

Health benefits of Turmeric that are wonderful

Health benefits of Turmeric

Every culture has its own spices and herbs that are no less nutritious than any powerhouse, one of which is turmeric.Turmeric is commonly used throughout with many health benefits.It not only improves the colour and taste of food but is also a disinfectant as well as a strong antioxidant spice.

Health benefits of Turmeric

The benefits will surely amaze you.

Liver cleansing

The food we eat in general, especially today, is often exposed to chemicals, pesticides and other contaminants and its toxic effects accumulate in the body system, including the liver and kidneys, which can lead to various diseases. However, the use of turmeric eliminates these effects and cleanses the liver and keeps it healthy.

Shine bright

Turmeric is excellent for cleansing dead skin cells and helps to give the skin a youthful glow. Mix turmeric in milk or yogurt and mix well and apply on face or any part of the body. Leave it to dry and rinse with lukewarm water, while also gently massaging the face.

Infection protection

Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and antiseptic spice that prevents various infections such as E. coli (which causes severe infections, stomach pain, cholera and other problems).

Weight loss

This spice can definitely benefit the dieting effort. One study found that the use of turmeric reduced the growth of adipose tissue in mice, leading to weight loss. Excessive consumption of turmeric in food prevents inflammation which leads to obesity and also speeds up the dissolution of fats.

Possibility to reduce joint pain

The polyphenols in turmeric are an antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory properties. Various medical research reports have shown that turmeric has the ability to reduce joint pain, stiffness and swelling. People suffering from arthritis can get relief by using turmeric powder capsules on the advice of a doctor.

Make the mood pleasant

As mentioned above, turmeric is useful against physical inflammation and this inflammation also plays an important role in depression. A few years ago, a study revealed that when people with menstrual cramps were given 500 mg of turmeric a day for eight weeks, it had a pleasant effect on their mood. A recent study found that turmeric is a very effective spice in reducing the symptoms of depression.

Control blood sugar

One study found that the use of turmeric helps lower and control blood glucose or blood sugar levels, especially in people with type 2 diabetes, whose blood sugar levels remain stable, putting them at risk for other complications of diabetes. Also rare, such as kidney disease or damage to the nervous system. Similarly, this spice can prevent diabetes, but in this regard, scientists have stressed the need for more research.

Reduce the risk of Alzheimer's

A study from the University of California found that the use of turmeric may help reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease by improving memory and mood in middle age. According to research, the yellow compound found in turmeric or curcumin has the potential to reduce brain inflammation, which can lead to diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and depression.

Increase your chances of avoiding cancer

Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory spice and according to an animal study, controlling inflammation can slow down the growth of cancer but can also prevent cancer and, yes, make chemotherapy more effective.

Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease

Diseases of the blood vessels such as heart attack and stroke are the leading causes of death worldwide, one of the few major causes of heart disease is inflammation and turmeric is an anti-inflammatory spice. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, this spice can protect against arterial diseases which reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Cleanses nail pimples and inflammation

The use of turmeric not only prevents nail pimples but also applying it on the face often helps to remove acne scars and swelling.

Useful against scratches and burns

Since turmeric has natural antiseptic properties and is useful for scratches, wounds and burns, etc., it acts as an ointment.

Preventing aging

Turmeric is an antioxidant spice that prevents the growth of harmful substances in the body and prevents the degeneration of aging by damaging the cells. It also helps in the growth of new cells, which helps to offset the effects of aging to some extent.

Reduce unwanted facial hair

It is very important for women and turmeric helps prevent unnecessary facial hair growth. For this purpose, mix 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric in a teaspoon of basin and add water to make a paste. Leave it on the face for 15 minutes and then wash off. If this tip is normalized, a significant difference can be seen within a month.

Never keep these things in fridge

Never keep these things in fridge

Items that are useless to keep in the fridge(never keep them in fridge)

As the technology evolved, so did many inventions. Man-made things for his own convenience that would make it easier for him. The refrigerator is an example of this. It has become a norm in our country that everything is stuffed in the fridge. In fact, women have become so used to the fridge that they consider it reliable for everything from baby syrup to their jewelry. The refrigerator is not only a suitable place for everything, especially for groceries, but in some cases it also causes damage.


List of the things which should not be the fridge

Of course, the refrigerator is a useful thing to use, but the refrigerator is not necessarily the best place for everything. Some people's habit of eating refrigerated food and stored food leads to hospital beds, the best way to avoid this is to use fresh food. Especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables, use them. The best way is to stay fresh. In the present article, we are going to give you information about the items that are useless to keep in the fridge.

1. Potatoes:

 Hardly anyone dislikes delicious chips and potatoes that add flavor to every vegetable. Potatoes are one of the few vegetables that are found in all seasons. Potatoes contain starch, which is a great source of energy for the body. It contains fiber, calcium, iron and vitamins. The temperature prevents the starch in the potatoes from turning into sugar, which can change the natural taste of the potatoes. Sunlight can damage potatoes, so they should be stored in a relatively cool, dark place without washing. If possible, keep them in a sack or paper bag from which they can be used as needed.

2. Coffee:

 Coffee has the ability to absorb the aroma of surrounding objects while refrigerating it creates moisture and odor. On the other hand, repeatedly opening the refrigerator door keeps raising and lowering its temperature, which creates moisture in the coffee. Therefore, the best way is to keep the coffee in an airtight jar (a jar that does not allow air to enter) at room temperature.

3. Onions: 

Onions, which are a staple in meals and salads, are full of nutrients. It also contains traces that require dark and cold temperatures to be useful for long periods of time. Now, this may have immediately come to your mind the idea of ​​a refrigerator, but doing so creates moisture in the onion which makes it skin deteriorates. That is why onions should be kept in a dark ventilated place. Remember to keep both onions and potatoes together as onions release gas and moisture which can spoil the potatoes.

4. Honey:

 If honey is used in your home as a special gift of nature, then your family is lucky. But keep in mind that honey should always be kept at room temperature, the best choice in this regard may be the closet, because keeping it in the refrigerator freezes the water in the honey, which can be spread on double bread or with anything. Difficult to use.

5. Garlic:

 Garlic is a vegetable, but it is used as a spice in food. It pleases everyone because of its delicious aroma and unique taste, but why not keep it in the fridge? This is because the natural moisture found in garlic when stored in the refrigerator causes it to rot. It is best to keep garlic in an open, cool and dark place, as this will not only prevent the garlic from spoiling but will also allow you to use it for longer. Separating garlic lice can also be a problem.

6. Hot Sauce:

 If you are taking extra space by keeping hot sauce in your fridge, do not do so because hot sauce already contains vinegar which prevents it from spoiling and bacteria from growing inside it. Keeping it in the fridge also affects the sharpness of the chili in the hot sauce, which certainly does not taste good to the eater.

7. Watermelon:

By keeping chopped watermelon in your fridge, you are not only taking up space in your fridge but also oppressing the delicate girls of your fridge. You can keep this fruit at room temperature, but even when you cut it. Cover and refrigerate.

8. Double bread:

 Double bread used in children's favorite jam slices for breakfast is something that is usually used within two days. In that case, keeping double bread in the fridge is foolish. Keeping double bread in the fridge makes it taste bad where it is hard. The best way is to keep the double bread sealed at room temperature, and if you want to store the double bread for more than two weeks, keep it in the freezer by frying or roasting the frozen double bread. Can be used

9. Dried Fruits:

 Dried fruits are rich in antioxidants fiber and are full of good taste and nutrition. Some people keep them in the fridge and think that dried fruits are safer now but the reality is the opposite. The temperature of the fridge creates moisture in things and this is exactly what happens with dried fruits. Dry for the best way to store wits is to keep them in a dry airtight jar and the best place to do that is in your kitchen closet. According to one study, dried fruits can be used for up to six months if not stored properly.

10 Soy Sauce:

 Soy sauce used in Chinese and continental foods gives a more spicy flavor. You may have read on the label above the soy sauce you buy from the market to keep it in the refrigerator, but if you go to big restaurants, its bottles are lying on the table all day. You may be surprised to know this, but this is the truth. The high salt content in soy sauce protects against spoilage and can last up to six months at room temperature.

11. Peaches:

 Never rush to keep fresh peaches in the fridge, as raw peaches need a normal temperature to ripen, while freezing in the fridge keeps them raw and increases the risk of spoilage. ۔ Always keep peaches in a basket on your kitchen counter. If they like cold food, refrigerate it shortly before eating.

12 Olive oil:

 Refrigerating the oil not only freezes it but also affects its color. The oil should always be kept at room temperature so that it retains its color and essence. Keeping olive oil in the closet is a little better than putting it on your kitchen shelf. Because there it is darker and cooler.

13 Cucumbers: 

Cucumbers used in salads have a unique identity due to their open color and taste. And diet enthusiasts are passionate about cucumbers. Keeping cucumbers in the fridge is a big mistake because doing so loosens them and releases water and also makes them rough. It is better to put cucumbers in a vegetable basket.

14. Capsicum:

 Capsicum loses its freshness if kept in the fridge and no one likes to eat loose and tasteless capsicum, so it is important to keep it away from the refrigerator in order to retain its natural flavor. ۔

15 Pickles:

 It takes four months for a feast to have a pickle on it. The aroma of pickles makes the heart happy and satisfies the eater. But did you know that pickles don't go bad unless you use a dirty spoon? Yes! The preservatives in pickles prevent it from spoiling, even if kept at room temperature. So you can only try to fill the space by keeping the pickles in the fridge. Do not use pickles when they are overdue. Close the bottle or jar lid tightly. Close the bottle or jar lid tightly so that air does not enter and damage it.

16. Chocolate:

 The refrigerator is the worst place to keep chocolate because its temperature not only changes its hardness, color but also its taste. Absorbs them, so it's best to keep them away from smelly things, and if you want to do that, keep them in an airtight jar.

17. Eggplant:

 Have you heard of any other eggplant dish or not? You must have heard about eggplant stuffing. The best way to use eggplant is to use it fresh as soon as possible and keep it in your kitchen. Refrigeration is harmful because it deprives the eggplant of its natural flavor. Which destroys the pleasure of food.

18. Eggs:

 You may be surprised to see eggs mentioned here, but the fact is that keeping eggs at normal room temperature is very useful. If we talk about the United States or other western countries, eggs are forced to be refrigerated there because they contain germs. To clean them, they are put in a solution that produces bacteria when they are kept at room temperature, but since we have different conditions, there is no need to store eggs in the fridge because their shell is the only one. He is their best protector.

19 Butter:

 Refrigerated butter is a difficult thing to use. Bringing in a day or two is a difficult task. It can even be covered in a dish for use in a day or two. So you don't have to heat it to spread it. But summer routines are a little different. If you want to store butter for a longer period of time, refrigeration will not be the wrong choice.

20 Raw mangoes:

 Raw mangoes require a moderate temperature to ripen, but keeping them in the refrigerator slows down the process. Once the mangoes are cooked, they can be refrigerated, but it would not be appropriate to do so before then.

21. Cake: 

Be it a tea party, a birthday party or any other feast, it is enhanced by the cake. People usually put the cake in the fridge, but that's not the right thing to do. While the moisture in the fridge spoils the cake, the boss of other things in the fridge settles in it. Keep the cake in an airtight container at room temperature to keep it fresh. Doing so can save up to three to seven days. But in this case, when there is cream or ice cream on top of the cake, it is advisable to keep it in the refrigerator.

22 Bananas:

 Nails require a temperature of 59-68 F to ripen and this process is furThe skin of bananas usually turns black and the temperature of the refrigerator damages the cell wall of the fruit, which spoils the banana. It is advisable to keep the nails in a fruit basket in a well ventilated place.

23. Dried Spices: 

The refrigerator is the biggest enemy of dry spices because keeping them in it creates moisture inside the spices. If you want to preserve your dried spices for more than a year, you can use them. Keep the kitchen in a dry, dark place at normal temperatures. Don't overheat. So that their taste and volume are not affected.

24. Jam: 

Fruit jam is usually used with bread. The bottle you get from Jam Bazaar is made in a special style that is sealed on the inside, the purpose of which is to prevent air from entering it. The jam in the same bottle can be used at room temperature for up to two years. It is useless to keep it in the fridge. However, you can find more information by reading the jam label each time.

25. Ketchup: 

There is a lot of discussion at home about whether ketchup should be kept in the fridge or in the closet, but one thing is clear that years ago, when there was no refrigerator, people used to use ketchup in bottles. Were But he was not bad. In fact, the presence of vinegar, sugar and salt in ketchup proves that it does not spoil even at room temperature.

26. Nutella / Painted Butter

Known in the market as a superfood refrigerator, it becomes hard and heavy, so spreading it on toast is like bringing a gambling lion. By refrigerating it, the peanut oil in it separates and hardens the rest. Even when taken out and used, both do not return to their original state. This not only wastes your energy but also your money. The best way is to keep it at room temperature for 6 to 9 months.

27. Tomato

Tomato is a fruit, but in our country it is known and used as a vegetable. Refrigeration affects the membranes inside the tomatoes, causing the tomatoes to loosen and release water. In fact, their taste is bad. The best place to store tomatoes is your kitchen counter. If you want to store tomatoes for more days, roast them and freeze them.

What effect does canned milk have on children's health?

Effect of canned milk on children's health

Effect of canned milk on children's health

The main and biggest reason for babies getting sick is the fact that mothers are not breastfeeding their babies at the moment.

Most of the canned milk fed to the baby from the feeder is causing illness instead of health for the baby. The second major reason is that we do not have clean water. Clean and transparent water is a basic need of human life, its importance for children increases. Lack of proper hygiene and cleanliness of children in the home is also causing diseases in children.

Breast milk is considered the baby's basic and essential food. Breast milk is considered a complete food and the best means of protection and rehabilitation from diseases. This is because breast milk is rich in all the nutrients that the human body may need. There is no better food for the human body than mother's milk. Although buffalo, cow's and goat's milk contain the required nutrients, breast milk is the best in terms of proportion and balance.

That is why, according to medical experts, people who are breastfed during infancy throughout their childhood have a stronger immune system against diseases. For this, it is necessary for the mother to breastfeed the newborn baby. It is also the right of the baby to breastfeed the baby for at least 6 consecutive months.

Similarly, if it is compulsory to breastfeed from a feeder, then after feeding the feeder by boiling it in water, the baby should be given milk. Dry and canned milk also adversely affects the baby's metabolism.

In the light of modern medical research, facts have come to light that breast milk not only contains the required nutrients but also contains useful antibodies that can help the baby to fight off diseases such as bacteria, viruses and germs. It also protects against the dangers of tetanus, whooping cough, pneumonia, diphtheria, typhoid, dysentery, flu, polio and gastroenteritis.

Today's mothers refuse to breastfeed their children in the cycle of smartness, ignoring the real requirements and responsibilities of motherhood and handing over their rabbits to diseases. The nutrients found in milk include starch, fat, protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, sodium, iodine, riboflavin, vitamin B12, vitamin C and vitamin D as the newborns are soft and delicate. Their digestive system is weak. In this way, nature provided soft food for the children, ie milk (mother's milk) and also stopped the growth and development of the human race.

Daily intake of milk as a balanced diet provides essential nutrients to the baby. The baby needs daily amount of calcium for the development of the body and breast milk fulfills this need. Remember that calcium helps build and strengthen bones. It plays a key role in nerve function, muscle building and blood clotting.

Similarly, the body of a newborn needs the amount of iodine that milk provides. Dairy products provide iodine as a means of protecting the esophagus. Doses vary. An average dose is up to 50 mg.

A certain amount of vitamin D is also included in the daily needs of the human body. Vitamin D, along with calcium, plays an important role in building bone structure. This need of the body is easily met by the use of milk. The required amount of riboflavin can be obtained from milk. Riboflavin plays an important role in energy extraction. The normal body also needs a certain amount of phosphorus daily. It is considered essential for strengthening bones and providing energy.

Proper use of milk can get the required amount of phosphorus. A healthy baby also needs vitamin B, which is considered an essential element for red blood cells. Breast milk fulfills this need of the baby, just as protein is an essential need of our human body. The baby needs a certain amount of it daily. Protein is an essential ingredient for the body's muscle and tissue development, so milk is the best source of high quality milk that is rich in all kinds of essential amino acids or protein acidic substances.

Potassium is also essential for the human body. It is of vital importance to the digestive balance, hypertension and muscle building. We can get the required amount from milk. Not consuming pure milk can lead to many diseases. The lack of minerals in milk (calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iodine, riboflavin, etc.) can be harmful to bones, muscles, intestines and spleen. Problems can arise and cause mental and physical confusion to children.

The standard fat content in milk is considered to be up to 3.5% but in different countries of the world the amount of fat in milk is used differently. In developed countries, the practice of drinking milk that is completely pure from one percent or fat is gaining momentum. Milk contains more than 10 nutrients, minerals, vitamins, proteins, starches and fats. These ingredients are considered essential for a healthy body and protect us from various diseases.

It is important to know the differences between human and animal milk in order to know the benefits of milk. The difference between the nutrients found in human and animal milk is as follows:

Nutrients per 100 grams 

Ingredients; human milk; animal milk

Protein… 1.2 grams… 4 grams

Fat… 4 grams… 3.5 grams

Carbohydrates… 9 grams… 4.9 grams

Calcium; 33 grams; 118 grams

Phosphorus; 18 grams; 97 grams

Sodium; 16 grams; 50 grams

By being aware of the differences between human and animal milk, we can choose the best food for our babies.

Children should always be given boiled and clear water. The baby should start eating solid food from the sixth month. All seasonal fruits especially bananas, boiled potatoes and other soft nutrients should be started. The most important thing when it comes to protecting children is to get vaccinated in a timely manner. Keep the baby's environment clean and airy. The environment and weather must affect children as well as adults.

The baby's environment starts from the mother's lap and the weather effects are also shaped by the mother's style of care. For better health of the baby, the house must be open and airy. Children's health must be shared by the family. system) affects a lot. Living in the same house and in the same room with many people has a very bad effect on the health of the newborn. Because the baby's immune system is weakened, the baby is more susceptible to breathing, which can lead to later illness. remember ! Family love has its place but different families should live in separate open and airy houses.

Clothing, food, and climate for the child are appropriate to protect the child from disease. In winter, bathing in warm water at appropriate times, wearing warm clothing, feeding energy-rich foods, and the severity of the cold. It is the first responsibility of the parents to protect them. Most of the children who come to the doctors fall ill due to the effects of the weather due to the negligence of the parents.

However, with a little attention, children and parents can avoid trouble. Thus, we can say that by feeding the baby the right amount of breast milk daily, not only can he keep his body healthy and strong, but also from countless diseases. But keep in mind that if the baby is not getting breast milk for some reason or is not able to digest it, then we can take better care of the baby only by feeding him pure animal milk.

Our dairy companies, due to their strong marketing, have frightened the general consumer with animal milk (goat, cow, buffalo) by threatening them with virus, bacterial and bacterial contamination. The market is rife with artificial milk and advertisements on TV and in newspapers are allegedly used in the name of milk to inform the public about arrowroot powder, sangha flour, paper pulp, foaming chemicals, surf, baking soda, urea fertilizer. And don't know what's going on.

Not only this, the cowherds who sell fresh milk are also fulfilling their responsibilities in this regard by allegedly mixing dirty pool water, rice flour, gachi (a special type of soil that is added to milk to thicken it) in milk. They are equal partners in human genocide. Contamination of milk is also a major cause of increase in gastrointestinal and intestinal diseases as the ingredients mentioned in milk allegedly affect the intestines.

Artificial and unnatural milk can neither meet the physical needs nor protect children from diseases. Babies are our future and their health is the greatest blessing in the world, a blessing that cannot be bought at any price, so appreciate it by using pure and unadulterated milk Enjoy your health. Mothers should breastfeed their children and be credited with laying the foundation for the strength of future generations.

8 Amazing health benefits of marriage

health benefits of marriage

Best health benefits of marriage

Its snoring may force you to hold your head or unwanted habits drive you to the brink of insanity. But your spouse can also save your life on a daily basis.

According to a new study, middle-aged married people are more physically fit, stronger grip and faster than their unmarried peers.

The study, from University College London, surveyed more than 20,000 people in the United States and England and found that married people move faster than divorced people. While divorced women have a weaker grip.

Experts believe that the stress of divorce also has an effect on physical health.

This is not the first time that scientists have linked marriage to good health. Earlier, a study found that married people with cancer were more likely to avoid the disease than unmarried people.

The University of California study found that married people have better social support, which is the key to protecting them from this deadly disease.

But do you know the following secret Health benefits of marriage?

Reduces the risk of heart attack

The first and amazing health benefit of marriage is there will be a minimum chance of getting heart attack. Getting married reduces the risk of a heart attack in both men and women. The claim was made in a medical study in Finland. According to research, the risk of heart attack is reduced by 65% ​​in married women and 66% in men. The study, from the University of Turquoise in Finland, found that marriage reduced the risk of death from blood vessel problems in men and women of all ages. And that this led to married people living healthier lives, more friends, and Have to get social support.

Take more care of your safety

Another health benefit of marriage is that Married couples are less likely to engage in hazardous activities such as driving fatally or abstaining from harmful substances (drug use). According to a study by Ohio State University, when people get married, there is a significant reduction in the tendency for dangerous actions within them. And this is probably due to the realization of those who are dependent on them (wife, husband and children). And that is why they take special care of their safety.

The chances of stroke are low

According to a study published in the journal American Stroke Association, married men have a 64% lower risk of fatal stroke than single men. Research has also shown that a good relationship with your spouse affects your chances of surviving a stroke. Meaning that if you are unhappy with your marriage, there is no significant reduction in your risk of stroke.

According to researchers, this may be due to the fact that married people have more access to immediate medical help in the event of a stroke than unmarried people. Because the longer they receive medical help after a stroke, the greater the risk of death.

Decreased stress levels

According to a University of Chicago study, getting married significantly reduces the risk of stress or frustration.

According to research, long-term relationship changes the hormones that cause stress. According to researchers, although life after marriage is full of stress. But it is much easier for married people to overcome other problems in their lives.

More likely to survive after operations

A good partner is helpful in recovering after major surgery such as heart bypass. According to a University of Rochester study, happy couples are three times more likely to survive 15 years after major surgery than single people. According to researchers, a good relationship helps people stay healthy, but this only happens when the couple is satisfied with each other.

Protection against mental illness

Married men and women have a lower risk of many mental illnesses. According to an American study, the rate of depression is lower in married couples and the risk of developing other psychological disorders is significantly lower than in single people or divorced people.

Better sleep

If the relationship with your spouse is pleasant, your sleep is also much better than that of unsatisfied couples or single people. According to a University of Pittsburgh study, if the relationship is happy after marriage, people's sleep quality improves.But unhappy couples are more likely to be affected by sleep. And if sleep is not enough, irritability and other diseases, including obesity. The risk increases.

Long life

The greatest benefit of marriage is longevity. Various research reports have suggested that couples may live longer after marriage. A study of 5,000 people by Duke University found that whether people get married at a young age affects health risks. According to researchers, unmarried people are twice as likely to die early.

What is the best age for marriage?

It is said that those who eat the wedding fight will regret it. And those who do not will regret it, but what is the best age for this lifelong relationship?

So now scientists have tried to give the answer in research.

Researchers at the University of Utah have tried to determine the age at which marriage is best for a couple and the relationship lasts longer.

The study looked at the habit of breaking up thousands of marriages. And found that 28 to 32 years is the best age when a marriage can help to make the relationship last longer.

During the study, researchers analyzed data from the 2006 National Survey on Family Affairs in the United States, which found the age range between 28 and 32 to be ideal for marriage.Researchers believe that early marriage increases the risk of a relationship breaking down, while a lifetime relationship in middle age is also at risk.

By the way, regardless of this research, marriage has many effects on human health.

According to a study released yesterday, wife obesity increases the risk of type 2 diabetes in husbands.

However, a good relationship between the couple can also help protect them from mental health, heart disease and many other life-threatening illnesses.

Is marriage good for mental health?

Unmarried people have a much higher risk of mental retardation or dementia.

This was revealed in a medical study in Sweden.Research has shown that distance from marriage can increase risks to mental health.

The study, compiled from the medical data of 2.2 million people, found that divorced single people had twice the risk of dementia, traumatic death or single people.

The study looked at people between the ages of 50 and 74, and not all of them had dementia when the study began.

The study found that 32,000 people had a mental illness in 10 years. And found that single people had a higher risk of developing the disease than married people.Researchers say that there is no difference between men and women in this regard and both face the same risk.

According to researchers, the results show that being alone can sooner or later lead to dementia.

He said that if a person lives with his spouse, he feels less lonely. And also gets social support which reduces the negative mental effects like depression and fear.

Natural ways to prevent Inflammation of the Prostate Gland

Natural ways to prevent Inflammation of the Prostate Gland

Best natural ways to prevent Inflammation of the Prostate Gland

Human life is generally divided into three major periods, childhood, adolescence and old age. Physical problems, nutritional needs and routines differ in these periods, while diseases also vary. Yes, a fact that cannot be denied from a medical point of view that childhood and old age have one thing in common is weakness. In childhood, the child's immune system is weakened. Even in old age, the body's immune system is weakened due to poor functioning of the body's organs.

One obvious difference between the lives of children and the elderly is that the parents give the child the utmost attention, protection and love, while the elderly are often more prone to illness due to neglect and neglect of their children. Elderly health requires the same attention, protection and better care as children. Aging in itself is a major disease, and when left untreated, other aging-related disorders can exacerbate it. Thus, in old age, a number of diseases are very aggressive, including physical weakness, muscle and nervous weakness, visual and hearing impairment, heart and kidney diseases, brain diseases and blood pressure, etc.

The most painful disease in the elderly is inflammation of the prostate gland. It is one of the most common and only menopausal diseases of the modern age. It is found equally in every region of the world, usually after the age of 50. People who are careless and careless about their health. They are at risk of contracting the disease after 40 years. It is also considered painful because it is a disease of the elderly and weak people, while weak people are already degenerating, weakened immune system. When they fall, they are less able to fight diseases.

Causes of premenstrual syndrome

This gland is found in the mouth of the bladder and the urethra passes through it. When this gland grows, there is pressure on the urethra which obstructs the flow of urine. The main reason is the gradual decrease in the production of male hormones which occurs with age. Microscopic analysis shows that the cells inside the prostate gland increase in size, and the fibers of the glands The structure of the muscular tissue also increases. As the adenoma grows, the structure of the urethra changes, leading to obstruction and narrowing of the urethra. Urinary incontinence causes the bladder to become full, affecting the bladder and kidneys.

According to ancient medicine, the causes of inflammation of the adrenal glands include colds in the elderly, retention of urine for a long time, indigestion, acidity, evaporation, constipation and severe attacks of some fevers. Inflammation of the adrenal glands is on the rise. People who are very sexually abusive can be nurtured by this problem.


Severe urinary obstruction is caused by sudden enlargement of the glands. This is due to infection and inflammation of the glands. The patient needs urine but is unable to pass it. The bladder is filled with urine and there is severe constriction. And there is severe pain. Usually there is a mixture of blood in the urine. Two aspects should be considered in the symptoms of inflammation of the adrenal glands. First: The patient has a strong need to urinate but when he starts urinating, the urine does not come out and he has to wait for the urine to come out. The urination is also very weak. Second: The patient needs to urinate frequently. Frequent urination occurs frequently. Sometimes the interval between urination is only five or ten minutes.


Symptoms are very important in the diagnosis of this disease and the physician can diagnose only by considering the symptoms. Urinary incontinence is the most common way to diagnose a prostate infection, but sometimes this symptom is not considered enough or does not reflect the full nature of the disease. However, modern inventions of the diagnostic system, ultrasonography and cystoscopy can be of great help in diagnosing this disease. In addition, an anal examination can be helpful in diagnosis. If further diagnosis is required, bone scan, X-ray, LFT, etc. test will make the diagnosis easier.

 Naturopathic treatment premenstrual syndrome

Ancient medicine provides a complete, healing and successful treatment of adenoid glandular inflammation and naturally prevent Inflammation of the Prostate Gland. For instant relief, boiling cassava flowers in water and tapping them externally provides immediate relief. In the same way, boiling tobacco in water and tying it semi-warm also gives immediate relief from pain. Sift purple flower 5 grams, badian 5 grams, root cassava 5 grams, dried mako 5 grams, seeds kartam 5 grams, khatmi 5 grams and manqi 9 pieces in one pound of water. Twice a day, use four tablespoons of Buzoori syrup. Finely grind the samaq grain and mix it with homogenous Egyptian and give a dose of 5 grams to the mouth. It also reduces the severity of the disease.

Modern treatment

In modern medicine, alpha-blocker drugs are given to reduce the size of the glands. There are also side effects, such as high blood pressure and dizziness. The best and easiest solution in modern medicine is TUR. It removes the urinary obstruction immediately. This operation is usually considered as a small operation which helps the patient to recover quickly but the disease attacks again. In any case, there is a possibility of overeating. Keep in mind that if the disease is neglected, the disease can intensify and enter the stages of cancer. Should be given so that any dangerous situation can be avoided later.


During the disease, the patient should be completely relaxed. He should refrain from physical movements and abstinence. He should also refrain from paying the stipend of the spouse. Eggplants, fats, sweets, sour and greasy foods should be avoided altogether. Urinary beverages, fruit juices, etc. should be used frequently. Avoid prescriptions to enjoy certain moments. Avoid amateur formulas to increase strength. Avoid poultry and fried foods. Follow the principles of hygiene and take regular morning walks. We say with confidence that you will be safe from this painful disease