Tuesday, June 16, 2020

10 common habits that make life better and happier

common habits that make life better and happier

Who doesn't want to make life better, but often it is a dream that seems beyond their comprehension, but there are many things that we can do to make our daily life happier and better. And science also supports them.

You may not know but today is the International Day of Happiness which is being celebrated all over the world. Adopting these things on this occasion will not end the problems of life but it can definitely make it happier.

How to make your life happier with some simple habits?

Getting out in the natural

You may not understand the importance of this, but according to a research, the scenes of nature reduce the tension inside us and make us more creative thinking person, seeing them improves our memory, but it makes us a better person. They also help to become.


We are all aware of its importance but very few people make it a part of their lives, apart from the medical benefits it is a very beneficial activity for our lives, for example, exercise makes us smart, happy. According to a study by Howard University, people who are addicted to exercise are able to live a better life by being better aware of their bodies.

Spending time with friends and relatives

According to a Howard University study, spending time with friends and family is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life. Relationships are more important than we think. The feeling of being cut off from society kills you by making you stupid. Also, because loneliness can lead to life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes, friends are the key to improving our lives, exchanging good news with them and improving relationships.

A sense of gratitude

Gratitude is a habit that makes you happy, improves relationships with loved ones, improves your personality and improves the lives of everyone around you.


Meditation increases happiness, purpose, social support and the ability to focus in life, while it also reduces the anger, fear, frustration and similar mental problems inside us.

Adequate sleep

You cannot deceive yourself on the issue of sleep because feeling tired makes it difficult to be happy, in simple words lack of sleep will result in irritability and difficulties in life, better sleep improves decision-making ability. However, lack of sleep can force you to adopt immoral behavior.

Challenging yourself

Learning another language keeps your mind sharp, music lessons increase intelligence, researching your beliefs strengthens the mind, putting yourself in trouble increases your willpower and This habit plays an important role in your success compared to intelligence.


People who use humor also have stronger immunity against diseases which reduces their risk of heart attack and stroke. Laughter is like a vitamin that also strengthens your relationships.

Touch someone

Touching a loved one reduces stress, increases personal performance and can help motivate you, hugging someone can make you a happier person.

Stay optimistic

Hope can give you blessings like health, happiness and life span. Adopting positive thinking in times of difficulties leads to success. To the extent that this habit also increases the performance of self-confident people.


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