Thursday, August 13, 2020

4 Tests to predict your long life

 Everyone goes through childhood, adolescence, middle age, and old age, but did you know that a physically fit person is capable of activities like adolescence despite advancing age?

In fact, in one study, 3,000 middle-aged men underwent routine physical tests to determine their physical fitness and how old they were or how long they could live.

Predict your long life through these tests

All of these tests are based on balance and speed and do not cost anything, just a timeline and a tape measure to measure a distance. Here are some tests that will help you to predict your long life.

Seating test

tests to perdict your long life

This test can significantly increase the risk of death. According to the participants who were included in this study, the participants who got low marks have a much higher risk of early death and this can be due to any disease.

How to do it? In this test, you should first stand barefoot in an open space. Put yourself in a sitting position on the floor and do not try to use your hands, knees, elbows or the sides of your legs.

Now try to stand up again and do not take the help of the above limbs again. If you manage to sit and stand and maintain balance without using the limbs, you get 10 points. Half a point is deducted each time the knees or elbows are used.

Set your points at the end and if your score is less than 8, research shows that in the next 6 years you are twice as likely to be seriously ill or leave this world while 3 or more. Those who score less are five times more likely to be at risk. If you passed this test you can predict your long life.

The test of standing up and coming back at the appointed time

tests to perdict your long life

This test analyzes a person's physical activity and requires a great deal of balance.

How to do it? Ordinary slippers arrive and then get up from the chair and walk three meters straight and then come back to the chair and sit down. Take note of the time of the whole process and its scores can be used to gauge your level of physical fitness.

If you do this for more than 10 seconds, the performance is very poor, 8 to 10 seconds is appropriate, 6 to 7 good and 4 to 6 seconds will be called great performance. If you passed this test you can predict your long life.

Balance test on one leg

tests to perdict your long life

This simple test is a better indicator of longevity in men than in women. It analyzes your body's ability to balance and find out how much your joints can lift body weight.

How to do it? Close your eyes and stand up straight and then bend one leg to the knee, then you are now standing on one leg and hands on the sides. Try to stand in this position as long as possible and with someone's help make a note of your standing time.

If you can maintain balance for only 1 to 7 seconds, it is a sign of very poor balance, 8 to 20 seconds will be considered appropriate, as well as 21 to 30 seconds is good, and standing for more than 30 seconds is the best physical balance. If you passed this test you can predict your long life.

Another test of sitting and standing

tests to perdict your long life

This is similar to the first test but is completed with a chair and a special movement that assesses an individual's ability to engage in physical activity and current heart health.

How to do it? First sit in a chair and then note how long it takes you to get up straight from the chair and then sit down, repeat this process ten times and finally determine the score according to the total time. Do one point in a minute or 0.25 points in fifteen seconds.

If you get 10 points out of zero then your physical condition is very bad, 11 to 20 points appropriate, 21 to 35 good and 36 or more points indicate the best condition. If you passed this test you can predict your long life.


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