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Why English words have silent letters?

Why English words have silent letters?

English is one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world to learn and is largely due to the 'silent' words in most of its words.

The reason is quite interesting but before that you read this English phrase

 The rogue knight doubted that the asthmatic knave in knickers could climb the castle columns, but when their wrangle wrought chaos on the couple, the knight resigned with the knowledge that their tight-knit friendship wouldn't succumb to dumb disputes.

If you pronounce every word of this ridiculous sentence, it will be very different from the word that resonates in your mind.

The English language is notorious for its use of silent letters, which is why some English words are so difficult to pronounce. In fact, 60% of English words contain a silent letter, but their use is often not confusing.

But in many places people are killed, such as the word knight is pronounced kniht or bite becomes beetuh.

The reasons for this are very interesting, such as the great changes that took place in the English language in the Middle Ages and it took many centuries to complete, but the modern English pronunciation changed very little or not at all.

But one factor that led to these silent words is ego.

Most of the people who had an influence on the English language added extra letters to the words simply because they had the power to do so.

As most of the printing press owners in England were from the Netherlands and Germany, and since they controlled a language that could not be regulated at the time, they used a number of English words to match the words of their home countries. Add extra characters to

Similarly, these influential people added the word Silent B to the word doubt to teach people the Latin word dubitare (at least that's what they said).

But in this way he doubted the word dout, and no one asked him for this unnecessary addition.

These seemingly silent letters may seem absurd at different times, but it is almost impossible to ignore them because they play a significant role in the English language.


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