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Sea Moss Benefits: facts and risks

sea moss benefits
Sea Moss Benefits

You may have recently heard of the sea moss “superfood.” It is touted by celebrities as an aid in immune stimulation, skin healing, and digestion. But, like most claimed superfoods, the sea moss has actually been consumed for centuries. There are many great sea moss benefits.

    Although research on marine mass is limited, there are reports that algae possess brain protection, immune stimulation, and aid indigestion. Besides, we know that Irish is an excellent source of nutrients that are beneficial for health.

    What is sea moss or Irish moss?

    Sea moss, also known as Irish moss, is a red alga with the scientific name Chondrus crispus. Humans have been consumed for thousands of years, found primarily on rocks along the North Atlantic coast. Today it is planted and processed in several coastal countries, including the United States, China, and Ireland, and used for its carrageenan content.

    It is commonly used as a food additive for its thickening, binding, and stabilizing effects. It is used in food products such as almond milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, creamers, yogurt, canned soups, and frozen pizzas. Carrageenan is also an active ingredient in some solutions to conventional medicine.

    You will be amazed to know about sea moss benefits. It is also valued for its seaweed polysaccharide, extracted from carrageenan, and has medicinal and health-related properties. Studies suggest that algal polysaccharide helps:

    • strengthening immunity
    • antioxidant effects
    • antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activities
    • tumor inhibition
    • prevention of hypertension
    • prevention of high cholesterol
    • blood sugar control

    In addition to its content of carrageenan and algae polysaccharides, the sea moss is also rich in:

    • protein
    • peptides
    • amino acids
    • lipids
    • pigments

    The potential health benefits of this red algae are linked to its neuroprotective and immunostimulant constituents.

    Wonderful Irish moss/Sea moss benefits

    Sea moss benefits are known very well, but studies evaluating these effects are done in the laboratory or animals. There is no clear understanding of how Irish moss can improve humans' health, but algae's nutrient content is promising.

    The health benefits of Irish moss are said to be very numerous. These include its calming properties for all mucous membranes, making it a great help for gastritis, nausea, indigestion, constipation, and ulcers. Irish moss has antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, and anticoagulant properties! In external application, it would treat eczema, psoriasis, dermatosis, and burns. It is best known for its ability to alleviate cold and flu symptoms, dissolve severe coughs and soothe bronchitis and pneumonia with its cough suppressant properties. Some of the sea moss benefits are given below:

    1. Helps digestion

    One of the great sea moss benefits is it helps indigestion. Irish moss works as a prebiotic, which allows it to influence the composition of our gut microbiota. With its calming properties, Irish moss asserts itself as a natural remedy effectively combating digestive disorders.

    Therefore, it is perfect for those of you with problems such as gastritis, nausea, indigestion, constipation, and ulcers. In addition to cleaning and maintaining the intestines clean and the optimal digestive process, red algae also have a prebiotic effect. In other words, it promotes the intestinal flora, which in turn promotes better absorption of nutrients. When it comes to its anti-inflammatory effects, the foam has the potential to heal the intestinal walls and fight against burns, vomiting, and nausea.

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    2. Can improve neurological health

    Studies suggest that red algae may have neuroprotective effects due to their ability to alleviate oxidative stress. For this reason, the researchers indicate that C. This ingredient may be a promising ingredient in the pharmaceutical products of potential new anti-neurodegenerative drug testing products for humans. It is a wonderful sea moss benefit.

    3. Stimulates immune function

    Research published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology indicates that red algae improve host immunity and suppress the expression of so-called "virulence factors" or molecules produced by bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

    This study was conducted in a laboratory, but the researchers concluded that its results suggest that the components of C. Crispus may play a role favorable to health in animals and humans.

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    4. Increase satiety

    When it is combined with liquids, Irish Moss has a gel-like texture, which is thick and sticky. It acts as a soluble fiber, which helps you stay full for longer.

    Adding Irish sea moss to foods can increase satiety and reduce the number of calories you eat. There isn't any scientific evidence to back this up, but the idea is that sea moss works the same way as chia seeds and aloe in this regard.

    5. May have anti-tumor effects

    Another health benefit of Irish moss is that it has anti-tumor effects. Some laboratory studies suggest that Irish moss has anti-tumor effects due to its content of algae polysaccharides. The researchers do not have definitive answers on the reason for this phenomenon in laboratory tests. Still, they indicate that it may be due to the polysaccharide's ability to boost the body's immunity and improve its antioxidant activity.

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      6. Rich in iodine

      While discussing sea moss benefits, it is important to discuss its effect on our appetite.

      A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food found that the iodine in C. Crispus is high and bioavailable. Both low and high iodine intake levels can increase the risk of disease, so it's important to get the right amount.

      Foods that are rich in iodine support thyroid function, healthy metabolism, and brain health. For example, your thyroid must have iodine levels high enough to make thyroxine, a key hormone that works to regulate important, daily biochemical reactions. Thyroid disorders, which can result from low iodine levels, can lead to symptoms such as slow appetite, heart problems, mood swings, weight fluctuations, and changes in appetite.

      7. Rich in minerals

      This red alga is rich in nutrients, especially minerals, like all sea vegetables and antioxidants. According to some sources, this Irish moss with no pronounced taste is rich in nutrients that promote health, such as proteins, sulfur compounds, iodine, bromine, beta carotene, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc, pectin, vitamins B and C. The sulfur-containing amino acid taurine is absent from any vegetarian diet but abundant in Irish moss.

      8. A natural and nourishing gelling agent

      Its peculiarity is that it contains a powerful gelling agent, making it a valuable emulsifier in preparing raw dishes, in particular desserts. It allows you to replace nuts in a good number of recipes while reducing calories (less fat) and strengthening the nutritional content: a real miracle! Unlike gelatin derived from animal proteins, Irish moss contains a polysaccharide (a natural form of sugar), which, when well emulsified, disperses in the liquid to create a semi-solid structure.

      9. Can improve skin health

      Another sea moss benefit is it helps to improve skin health. It is used in skincare products due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also rich in nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and magnesium.

      Using sea moss topically can help hydrate and soothe your skin while fighting damage and infection. There is no scientific research on the benefits of Irish moss for the skin, but its vitamin and mineral content alone shows promise for supporting healthy aging.

      How to use sea moss/Irish moss?

      If you want to get most of the sea moss benefits, you have to use it in a suitable way. Sea moss in raw, dried, or gel form. It is also available in powder or capsule form, and it is used as an ingredient in some skincare products. You may have a hard time finding sea moss in your local grocery store, so buying it online from a reputable company is another option.

      Irish moss is virtually flavorless, so it can easily be added to smoothie, juice, and soup recipes. Remember, it will work as a thickener, so it also works well in sauces and even baked goods.

      Like seaweed, you have the option of supplementing with sea moss pills and sea moss powder. But keep in mind that the science on humans is lacking, so check with your healthcare professional first health. This is especially true if you have hypothyroidism.

      Risks and side effects of sea moss/Irish moss

      When consumed in normal amounts, sea moss is generally safe and may have some health benefits. However, consuming too much Irish moss can mean that you are ingesting too much iodine.

      Too much iodine can cause thyroid problems, so you need to be careful not to take in too many nutrients. If you have Hashimotos, thyroiditis, or other problems related to hypothyroidism, talk to your doctor about limiting iodized foods.

      Health benefits and advice consumption sea moss gel, Although the benefits of Irish moss are several, it should be consumed sparingly. The right dosage? You should only use one c. teaspoon of dried Irish sea moss diluted in a cup of water, limiting yourself to one or two cups a day at most! Some recipes include Irish mousse: meringue, salad dressings, mayonnaise, ice cream, and vitamin smoothies. However, the best way to take full advantage of its health benefits is to prepare a sea moss gel.

      Sea moss gel


      • 25 g of the dry Irish moss
      • 2 cups of cold water

      Soak the dry Irish moss in 2 cups of cold water for a few minutes to re-inflate the foam. Then clean the Irish moss well, cut its hard pieces, and let it soak again in 2 cups of lukewarm or slightly hot water for 30 minutes or until it gels. Some people prefer to let it soak for several hours, but this is not necessary. In a blender, mix the algae with the soaking water for 1 min or until a gel forms. And There you go! Your multi-use gel is ready to use for our next recipe! Store it in the refrigerator for a week or up to 10 days.

      Vegan Irish moss gel


      • 1 cup of vegetable milk 
      • (almond)1 C. 
      • mustard1 C. 
      • coffee sugar1 C.
      • teaspoon salt
      • 1 cup olive oil
      • 3/4 cup Irish moss gel

      Mix the vegetable milk, mustard, sugar, and salt in your food processor. Slowly pour in the olive oil and continue to mix at low speed. Then add the Irish moss gel and mix at high speed. Store your sea moss gel for 10 days and no more.

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      Final thoughts 

      Sea moss benefits are known for years. For thousands of years, it has been used to boost immune function and aid digestion. Today, it is cultivated in many countries for its health benefits.

      There aren't many studies involving Irish moss in humans, but laboratory and animal studies suggest it may help boost brain function, aid digestion, promote thyroid health, and support immune function.


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