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Best diets and foods to prevent kidney stones

diets and foods to prevent kidney stones

Dietary habits that help prevent kidney stones

        Kidney stones are a painful disease that is not easy to treat because it can recur. Kidney stones can have many causes such as low water intake, presence of patients in the family, certain foods especially high salt and calcium foods, obesity, diabetes, stomach ailments, and surgery. 

        Kidney stones can affect any part of the urethra and it can be very painful to get out of there. It usually does not cause much harm, but painkillers and drinking plenty of water are enough to get rid of a minor stone, but if it gets stuck in the urethra or causes complications, then surgery should be performed. Falls. However, it may be helpful to follow or follow the following dietary habits to avoid or relieve kidney stones. Here are some foods that will help you to prevent kidney stones.


        As mentioned above, drinking less water can lead to kidney stones as these stones are a collection of non-absorbable minerals, drinking an adequate amount of water is the best and natural way to get rid of these minerals. Drinking water not only reduces this stone but also keeps the body fit and hydrated. One of the signs of drinking the right amount of water is the color of the urine. If it is light yellow, then understand that the body is getting the right amount of water. However, when the color is dark, you should drink water.

Sour fruit

         Potassium in sour fruits, especially lemons, helps to prevent calcium and other minerals from accumulating in the body and turning into kidney stones.


        Potatoes are a food rich in starch. This starch is beneficial for the body as it reduces the risk of developing kidney stones. A potato can help keep kidney stones away every day.

Low salt intake

         Eating too much salt increases the risk of kidney stones. Low salt intake reduces the accumulation of calcium in the body which can take the form of stones.

Use sugar in moderation

        If you are accustomed to eating too much sugar, you should not be surprised at kidney stones. Eating too much sugar increases the risk of kidney stones.

Red meat

       Excessive consumption of red meat also increases the risk of kidney stones due to the high amount of animal protein in the meat. Too much of this protein can be harmful to health.


           By the way, eggs are good for health, but if a person has kidney stones or is showing symptoms, he should eat them sparingly because the amazing protein in them accelerates the process of kidney stones. Does.


         The main cause of kidney stones is an increase in a type of calcium, grapefruit increases the level of calcium which in turn increases the risk of stones. However, medical experts say that consuming too much of this fruit poses a risk, so eating moderate amounts is not harmful. However, people who experience kidney stones should consult a doctor and use them.


         Spinach is also very beneficial for the body but it is harmful when it comes to kidney stones. Minerals like oxalate in it increase the risk of kidney stones, so if a person has kidney stones, it is important to avoid spinach.


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