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How water affects our body health?

water affects our body health

How much water to drink a day is a matter of debate because some people think that you should drink eight glasses of it a day, while according to medical experts, it depends on other factors.

But the good news is, as long as the water is your main drink, you don't have to count the number of glasses.

Health benefits of drinking water 

But in addition to maintaining the amount of it in the body, this drink also has other benefits for the body, you just have to use the right amount.

Make the skin healthy

Proper use of water, although it does not clear the nail pimples, certainly causes a difference at the cellular level, human skin consists of three layers and if the body is dehydrated, the elasticity of the upper layer begins to decrease. It can be tough. Similarly, the presence of it in the body leads to the production of a protein called collagen, which helps to keep the skin smooth and clear.

Keep joints healthy

According to a study published in the medical journal Medical Gas Research, the use of hydrogen-rich water reduces the discomfort of people suffering from arthritis. In other words, using the right amount of it can help keep arthritis at bay.

Weight loss

Water helps to reduce body weight more than any other beverage, which has been confirmed in various medical reports. One study found that consuming it before meals in a short period of time can lead to a weight loss of more than four kilograms, which is why the body often perceives thirst as hunger and Forces you to eat more.

Prevent constipation

If you do not want to suffer from a painful disease like constipation, make it a part of your body to drink an adequate amount of water daily. Drinking it is very important for maintaining normal bowel movements. Improve

Helps prevent headaches

One of the benefits of adequate amounts of it in the body is protected against headaches, as dehydration is often a major cause of headaches. According to a study, not drinking enough water leads to a decrease in blood volume, which in turn reduces oxygen and blood flow to the brain and causes the arteries to constrict. When this happens, the brain sends a pain signal in response, which causes a headache.

Also prevent cancer

Of course, there are specific causes of cancer that cannot be controlled, such as family history, gender and age, but a healthy lifestyle can help prevent certain types of cancer. According to a study, people who drink more water throughout the day have a 24% lower risk of bladder cancer.

Maintain mental alertness

According to a study, people who maintain a proper amount of water in the body are more mentally alert while it is easier for them to focus on different tasks.

Help the heart work

The heart constantly pumps blood and supplies it to different parts of the body through the arteries. Having the right amount of it in the body makes it easier for the heart to do this.

Increase physical energy

Water can also potentially help to cheer up the mood, as it reduces stress and depression levels, in contrast to the slightest lack of water can lead to irritability and loss of physical energy.

What are the disadvantages of drinking too much water?

Drinking water is essential for health, ie according to the requirements of the body, these fluids are considered by medical experts to be very important so that the bodily functions can function properly.

But what happens when a person starts drinking too much water?

Overhydration is just as dangerous as dehydration, and drinking too much water lowers sodium levels in body cells.

Nausea and vomiting

The symptoms of dehydration are similar to those of dehydration. According to one study, the kidneys become unable to excrete this excess fluid as a result of drinking too much water and it begins to accumulate in the body. Is. This can lead to unpleasant symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and cholera.

Headaches throughout the day

Headaches can be a symptom of drinking too much water or too little water. When a person drinks too much water, the level of salt in the blood goes down for hours, causing the body organs to swell, causing the cells to grow. ۔ Drinking too much water also increases the volume of the brain, which increases the pressure on the head, which in the form of headaches, which can lead to various serious diseases such as mental imbalance and difficulty in breathing.

Swelling of hands, lips and feet

Drinking too much water can also cause swelling of the hands, lips and feet of the people, which is also due to the growth of cells while the weight of the water also forces the body to swell, if you during the day. If you drink more than ten glasses of water and experience swelling in your hands and feet, reduce the amount of this fluid.

Weak muscles

A healthy and fully functioning body balance is very important, when you drink too much water the body balance decreases, due to which the level of electrolytes in the body decreases which makes the muscles weak and the skin stiff. ۔

Fatigue or dizziness

The kidneys work to filter it in the body and keep the fluid levels in the blood balanced, but when too much water is drunk, the kidneys have to work harder, affecting the hormones in the body and the body. Fatigue persists all the time. If you have difficulty getting out of bed, this could be due to unnecessary pressure on your kidneys.


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