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How to get rid of mouth ulcers at home naturally


get rid of mouth ulcers at home naturally

       There is always a painful surprise when you put something spicy in your mouth and find out that there is a wound in the mouth for which the toothpick is proving to be very painful or brushing on the tooth while brushing on the teeth. It wasn't the day before.

      If a small white spot appears on the pink surface of the mouth, it is a sign of blisters or sores in the mouth.

     These blisters are small and narrow sores that form in the soft tissues of the mouth that can be anywhere on the cheeks, gums and tongue.

 What are the causes of these sores? 

   According to New York University, these sores can be in anyone's mouth and can be very painful, especially when a spicy or acidic thing is eaten and drinking water often causes pain.

     It is unknown at this time what caused the blisters to appear, but there are some things that are thought to be the cause.

    According to the Mayo Clinic, forceful brushing, spicy or acidic foods, hormonal changes and stress, etc. cause these blisters. Experts believe that these blisters are the result of autoimmune activity and occur when the body targets itself while fighting a virus.

These blisters usually heal within a week. All you have to do is eat a healthy diet, avoid spicy foods, acids, and chips, and brush your teeth carefully.

     If these blisters last more than a week, start bleeding or get bigger over time, it's best to see a doctor to see if they are the result of a serious problem, such as oral cancer.

  What to do to get rid of mouth ulcers at home    

  If you also have mouth ulcers, these home remedies will help you to reduce your pain faster as well as eliminate blisters or sores or ulcers.

Baking Soda

    Baking soda is an alkaline that normalizes the acidic condition that causes mouth ulcers, while it helps in the immediate treatment of these ulcers by eliminating bacteria. To use it, mix a teaspoon of baking soda in half a cup of warm water and rinse with it.

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Tea contains an alkaline that normalizes the acid that exacerbates blisters or sores, while it also contains ingredients that can help reduce pain. You will feel relief if you keep a used tea bag on the blister or wound for five minutes.

Hydrogen peroxide

      Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful antiseptic solution and protects mouth ulcers or wounds from infection. Use this solution as a mouthwash but do not try to swallow it.

Salty Water

      Rinse with salt water for 30 seconds to speed up the healing process. Sodium chloride combines with water to surround tissues and accelerate wound healing.

Vitamin E

     Cut a capsule of vitamin E and apply its solution to the affected area, this oil will form a coating on the blister which will protect it from infection and also help in quick recovery.

Use of Aloe vera

      Aloe vera gel also speeds up the healing of mouth ulcers or wounds while also reducing pain. Apply some of this gel directly to the affected area with a clean spoon and repeat the process as needed.

Magnesia milk

      Fill the mouth with a small amount of this milk and use it to clean the mouth, making sure that it also cleans the affected part. The ingredients in magnesia milk control the acidity of the mouth which makes the blisters painful. In addition, you can soak cotton in this milk and apply it directly on the blisters three to four times a day.


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