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What precautions should be taken if a dog bites to avoid infection?

precautions should be taken if a dog bites to avoid infection

Humans often encounter animals, and if we talk about it and should learn how to safely interact with them, there are hundreds of cases of dog bites every day.

Animal bites often lead to skin infections, with very few serious injuries and disabilities, and the most serious case is when a dog bites and transmits rabies to the human body.

However, what precautions should be taken if a dog bites? And how can a serious threat be mitigated?

If this happens, take the following precautions.

Examine the wound

In most cases of dog bites, the wound is small and can be treated at home. If the dog's teeth can barely penetrate the skin or there is a minor scratch, then it can be treated at home. If the wound is deep, joints or bones have been compressed, medical help should be sought.

Wash the wound

Wash the wound from the dog bite with soap and water, wash the affected area with plenty of soap and lukewarm water for several minutes, which will help to disinfect the wound. Any soap can be used for this but it is better if antiseptic soap is available. Although washing with soap can feel chilly, it is still a good idea to wash the wound.

Press the wound

If the wound is still bleeding after washing, press the affected area with a clean towel or cloth, this will stop the bleeding or slow down the speed so that a bandage can be applied. If the wound continues to bleed even after the bandage, medical help should be sought.

Apply antibiotic ointment

Antibiotic creams also help to heal wounds and prevent infections. Apply this cream directly to the wound.

Use of bandages

Immediately after applying the cream, cover the wound with a bandage or bandage. The bandage should be tight enough to protect the wound, but not too much to stop the flow of blood or cause any other discomfort.

Change the strip

Whenever you open the bandage and see the wound, use a new bandage again or apply a new bandage even after bathing, wash the wound gently and apply a new bandage after applying the cream.

Tetanus vaccine

Tetanus is an infection that can target any dog ​​after a bite. Medical experts recommend that a dog be vaccinated against tetanus if it is bitten, especially if the last time the vaccine was given was five years or more. Has been

Keep an eye on the wound

Look for other signs of infection as the wound heals. See a doctor immediately if there is a possibility of infection in the wound. Symptoms of an infection may be something like this; Increased pain, swelling, redness or warmth around the wound, discharge of fever and pus.

Seek medical help

If you suffer from a disease such as diabetes, liver disease, cancer, etc., consult a doctor to avoid any complications even on a minor dog bite wound, as the medicines used to treat these diseases are against the body's immune system. Weaken the system and increase the risk of infection from a bite wound.


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