Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Why we weep or cry when we are emotional or in depressed state?

we weep or cry when we are emotional or in depressed state

   There is hardly a person in this world who can claim that he does not weep, but has anyone ever wondered why we cry?

What is the reason behind the weeping?

       According to reports, a person cries because his brain sends a message to a gland that produces tears in the eyes, these glands are called lacrimal glands, but interestingly, the human body is only one type. There are three types of tears in the human body that do not produce tears, and each tear has a specific function to do.

     Some tears protect our eyes, basal tears stay around the eyes to keep them moist and protected from germs, reflex tears clean the dust and dirt that enters the eyes, and The third type of emotional tear is related to our emotions such as joy, sorrow, anger, fear.

These emotions force the heart to work faster, which also speeds up the speed of breathing, and this leads to tears in the eyes which are called emotional tears.

Many people feel better after weeping but the reason is not revealed.

Interestingly, emotional tears can only be shed in human beings, human beings are the only creatures in the world who can cry because of their emotions.

      According to many scientists, tears can tell people that we are still depressed, or in trouble, like a child crying out loud for help from his parents, but as we grow older, we find ourselves When it comes to caring, we are less likely to scream and our tears flow.

Many scientists also believe that ancient humans learned to weep silently to protect themselves from enemies and animals so that they could tell people without a voice that they needed help at this time.


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