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Important preventive measures if you are treating Parkinsonism

Important preventive measures if you have Parkinsonism

What is Parkinsonism

    This disease causes stiffness in the muscles. Intentional movements are reduced and the whole body trembles. The disease was first discovered by James Parkinson, hence the name Parkinsonism.

 Causes of Parkinsonism:

     The main cause of this disease is the lack of dopamine in the brain cells. It is more common in older people. The exact cause of the disease is very difficult to determine. It can be inherited and can be caused by a brain infection, etc. It can lead to brain cancer.

      It can also be caused by the misuse of certain medications such as alkaloids, phenothiazines, etc. In addition, certain gases, such as carbon monoxide, can cause symptoms. Some elements, such as manganese and copper, can also cause disease.

 Symptoms of Parkinsonism:

There are three main symptoms of this disease.


     In this disease, hands, feet, and body tremble all the time. The tremors, especially in the movements of the fingers, thumbs and arms, are accompanied by a great rhythm.

 The hardness of muscles:

      Muscles become very stiff, making it difficult to stretch or loosen.

 Loss of movement:

        The patient's movements and postures are greatly reduced. The eyes blink at will. Hands and arms are difficult to bend. Weakness and weakness persist. If the patient is asked to write, he writes with great difficulty, cracked, broken writing and often rubs the nib of the pen into the paper. Stuttering is also noticeable in the patient's gait.

        In addition to these major symptoms, the patient feels very anxious and ill. Laziness and exhaustion prevail. Burning saliva is excreted from the patient's mouth. She gets constipated. If not treated properly, the disease can be dangerous.

How to prevent Parkinsonism?

        The most important precaution is important in mental illness. It is important to consult a doctor when someone has symptoms of Parkinsonism. Nowadays, it is possible to cure the disease with the correct and complete use of medicines, but only your doctor can give advice on the right dose of medicines. In addition to medications, take care of the following:

  Food for parkinsonism:

        Patients with this disease have a high risk of constipation due to lack of movement, so heavy foods should be avoided. Give the patient a light diet consisting mostly of beverages. In addition, the use of fresh vegetables and fruits is also useful.

  Vitamin E:

    Vitamin E use is beneficial in patients with psoriasis.


The patient may also benefit from light exercise and massage.

 Psychological support:

        In such chronic illnesses, patients quickly become depressed, emaciated and anxious, and sometimes become more anxious and sometimes try to take their own lives. Therefore, special care should be taken of patients suffering from this disease. They should be provided with all kinds of facilities, their physical and mental health should be taken care of and the surrounding environment should be made suitable for them.

Consequences of Parkinsonism

  • Dry body, dry lips
  • Frequent thirst, involuntary movements of the body
  • Depression, emaciation, difficulty urinating
  • Difficulty sleeping in the muscles


     Always use the medicine on the advice of a doctor and never take less or more than yourself.

Use with caution during pregnancy.

Be sure to tell your doctor about your distance before using it in case of stomach and intestinal ulcers.

If you have any problems after taking this medicine, consult a doctor immediately.

The nature of the medicine and the importance of the need:

      Parkinson's disease can be controlled to some extent if the medicine is used with the advice of a doctor. The most important thing in this disease is to have a correct diagnosis of the disease and then it is very important to consult a neurologist for treatment. In this regard, Fruit Hospital Lahore has a complete neurology ward where various mental diseases are treated.

Alternative Remedies

      It is important for a patient with Parkinson's to keep in mind that the disease can be controlled to some extent with the right use of medication as advised by a doctor, but it is a bit difficult to cure completely. Some homeopathic remedies can also be used.

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     The patient should be taken care of psychologically and it is important to support him/her mentally and psychologically so that he / she does not suffer from any kind of depression during the illness as depression is very dangerous in such illnesses. Which makes treatment more difficult.

      Patients should take special care of their diet along with medicines. Use mostly soft and simple food. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Avoid poultry and starchy foods.


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