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How to treat anxiety naturally at home?

treat anxiety naturally at home

Causes and treat anxiety naturally

      Anxiety is a human emotion and is usually experienced when a person is going through a difficult or difficult time. Avoiding dangers, staying alert, and facing problems, this method is usually useful in fear and panic. Maybe. However, if this feeling becomes severe or lasts for a long time, it can prevent a person from doing what he wants to do and as a result, his life can be painful.

Causes of anxiety

       Causes of anxiety can be both physical and mental. As a result, the human body can suffer from a variety of changes, including rapid heartbeat, sweating, and body trembling. Does not come Let a person explain himself, but as soon as he is faced with a situation of anxiety, his hands and feet begin to swell. At this point all the precaution is left, the heart beats faster. The whole body starts shaking.
Some of us have a tendency to be anxious about everything. Research shows that this condition can be inherited. 

       However, even people who are not naturally anxious all the time, if they are under constant pressure, they also become nervous. Sometimes the cause of anxiety is very clear and when the problem is solved, the anxiety goes away. But some events and situations are so traumatic and frightening that the anxiety they cause lasts long after the events have ended. 

      These are usually incidents in which a person's life is in danger, such as car or train accidents and fires. People involved in these incidents can suffer from anxiety and depression for months or years, even if they themselves have not been physically injured. Sometimes the use of drugs can also cause anxiety. Even the caffeine in coffee is enough to make some of us suffer terribly. However, on the other hand, it is not clear why a particular person suffers from anxiety. And why and how it could be due to his personality, the events that befell him and the changes in his life.

        Some people suffer from anxiety for a very long time, they do not know why they are suffering from anxiety and how it will end. Anxiety is very difficult to control in these situations.

     A person suffering from anxiety tries to avoid any situation that may cause him to anxiety, but over time this condition becomes more and more severe. At times, this results in intense physical feelings, worrying about the worst situations, anxiety, and avoidance of behavior that can affect life. When considering the causes of anxiety, consider physical, psychological, and social factors as well. This is important because many factors can be driven at the same time.
Before treating anxiety, it is important to know its causes and the factors that are causing it. Systematic examination of physical problems such as thyroid, heart disease and other hormonal problems, and only after treatment Diagnosing the causes of is an effective way to treat it.

Methods to treat anxiety naturally

       There are many ways to treat anxiety naturally without medication, including reducing tension, exercising, doing various breathing exercises, and doing yoga.

        Therapy and consultation with a psychologist is also an effective method, especially therapy that changes the angle and style of thinking through conversation.

    Medications can also be used to treat some people with anxiety. Common sedatives are very effective in relieving anxiety, but keep in mind that with just four weeks of regular use, a person can become accustomed to them. 

      And when people try to leave them, they experience unpleasant symptoms that can last a long time. The use of these drugs for long-term treatment of anxiety is not appropriate.

Use honey for anxiety treatment

      Honey is best for strengthening the heart and relieving anxiety. It strengthens the heart and relieves the symptoms of anxiety. If ever anxiety and nervousness increase and there is also a fear of drowsiness and fainting, then giving honey in a few minutes gives you strength and power and relieves nervousness.

A glass of milk before going to bed

      A glass of warm milk before going to bed is a tried and tested recipe to soothe the body and relax the nerves. This is mainly due to the high content of antioxidants in milk, including vitamins B2 and B12, as well as protein and calcium. The protein Lactium calms the body by lowering blood pressure, while the potassium in milk reduces nervous tension and calms the nerves.

Use almonds to get rid of anxiety

          Almonds are rich in vitamin B2 and vitamin E, and both of these components enable the human body's immune system to function better during times of stress and anxiety. Include nine to eleven almond kernels in your daily diet and you will see for yourself how it improves your stress levels and anxiety.

Increase the intake of Vitamin C to treat anxiety

        A large amount of vitamin C in oranges makes it a very useful element in anxiety and stress. Vitamin C is best known for lowering the levels of the hormone cortisol, which causes high blood pressure and stress. The best way is to peel fresh oranges, it is better if you eat it directly, and if you want to use its juice, avoid adding any sugar or sweetener in it.


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