Sunday, July 12, 2020

Depression is not sadness it is a disease

Depression is not  sadness

Every human being has to go through different stages in his life. Sometimes those stages are so easy that the colors of happiness are scattered in life and sometimes those stages become so difficult that one feels bored with one's life.

Some people are motivated by their abilities and courage and continue their life in spring and autumn by going through difficult stages, but there are some who do not recognize their courage and abilities and all the problems. The last solution is to end life.

Suicide is directly related to depression, but the causes of depression can be different. It also happens that some people get depressed even on very minor issues and other people become very frustrated if they do not get positive results after trying their best.

The most common causes of suicide include long-term unemployment, incurable illness, feelings of inferiority, career decline, disgrace, not having a happy marriage, infidelity, or persistent failure.

The thinking of a depressed person is different from the thinking of a normal person. He has also lost the sense of imagining a happy life due to severe frustration.

Depression is a disease

Depression is just like any other illness not only a state of sadness, which just needs to be treated as a cure-all, but it can also be a great way to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety.

According to a report, the suicide rate is highest in a developed country like the United States, where one suicide occurs every 13 minutes. About 30,000 people attempt suicide each year in the United States, and suicide is the third leading cause of death for 15- to 45-year-olds.

Horrible acts like suicide are not only the thoughts of ordinary people but also famous people including successful celebrities, athletes, and politicians who have ended their lives by committing suicide. Famous American Oscar-winning comedian Robin Williams ended his life by hanging from the ceiling. Similarly, we find examples of Bollywood celebrities from Lollywood who chose the path of suicide despite their fame and fortune.

There is a need to prevent this extreme measure. Losing one's life is a very sad and worrying problem. It is a fact that the nature of depression in every human being may be different and the solution to their problems may be different but there are some factors that can help to alleviate or alleviate severe depression.

Things to do if you're depressed

First of all, acknowledge that depression is a treatable disease. Just as there are doctors who specialize in different physical organs, so depression is related to our mind and psyche. Some people refuse to recognize it as a disease and fall into a more difficult situation at the hands of frustration and despair.

The need for family members to cooperate with each other. Most problems start at home. Families trust each other. Parents should treat their children in such a way that they can express their problems without hesitation.

Develop a bond of friendship and trust between husband, wife, brother, and sister. No matter how upset a person may be outside, if the home environment is pleasant, negative thinking will not be strengthened.

People with depression talk about their anxiety. Talking about your problems lightens the load considerably. Don't ignore the frustrations of those around you. People with stress should be helped as much as possible.

People who feel pressured, if they can't share their problem with a family member or friend, go to a good psychologist because describing the problem will definitely lead to some solution.

It has been an unfortunate part of our society that when a psychiatrist or a mental illness is mentioned, people immediately become cautious and are reluctant to turn to the relevant stigma or doctors. In the current era where the rate of depression is increasing day by day, we have to get rid of such outdated thinking and take treatment from psychologists as a common treatment.

Life is God's trust. The suicide bomber leaves but leaves behind a thousand kinds of stories and affects his entire generation. Therefore, there is a need to talk openly and spread awareness on issues such as suicide and depression.


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