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Symptoms of ulcer that are asking you to think about it

An ulcer is an injury to an organ of the body and in the case of a wound in the stomach it is called an ulcer which is usually on the back wall of the stomach but it also occurs on the next level. It gets worse as you get older but are you aware of the symptoms of ulcer?

What are the symptoms of stomach ulcer?

In fact, this pain in the stomach or abdomen should not be ignored under any circumstances, especially if the following symptoms appear. They may be the symptoms of ulcer.

Upper abdominal pain

One of the most common symptoms of an ulcer is a pain in the upper abdomen. According to a University of Chicago study, ulcers can occur anywhere in the upper esophagus, but most people think it occurs in the small intestine or stomach, where Pain is felt, usually between the chest bone and the navel, and there is a burning, itching or numbness. The condition is initially mild and tolerable, but as the ulcer progresses, it becomes more severe.


Another major symptom of ulcers is nausea. According to medical experts, ulcers change the chemistry of the fluid in the digestive tract, causing nausea, especially in the morning. Ulcers are often difficult to digest.

To vomit

If the ulcers start to grow, the feeling of nausea will increase over time and take the form of vomiting, which often occurs, which is not a good experience, but medical experts say that in such cases, stay away from drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Because their use increases the risk of worsening the condition of the ulcer.

Vomiting or bleeding in the stool

Bleeding in the washroom can cause various medical problems, but if it is accompanied by pain in the upper abdomen, it can be a sign of an ulcer. If you also have a complaint, see a doctor immediately. Should

Often heartburn after eating

If you often have heartburn, no matter what the diet, ulcers may be responsible. Most ulcer patients suffer from severe chest pain, which causes hiccups after eating.

Loss of appetite

Most ulcer patients have a reduced appetite, which results in reduced food intake, vomiting, and unexpected weight loss.

A strange feeling of hunger

Although ulcers cause loss of appetite, pain between the navel and chest for one to three hours after a meal is considered by most people to be hunger. Maybe a symbol


If you feel that your stomach is swollen, it may be more serious than gas, but it may be a sign of an ulcer. This is usually one of the earliest symptoms of an ulcer, especially in people who have a complaint in the middle of the abdomen.


By the way, ulcers are associated with the stomach and small intestine, but the pain can travel to the back. If the ulcer spreads to the intestinal wall, the pain becomes more severe, the duration increases and decreases. It comes with difficulty.


Indigestion is one of the few common symptoms of an ulcer and it usually appears in the form of belching. See a doctor if you have more belching than usual and any of the above symptoms appear with it.


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