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Depression is the biggest cause of suicide.Why?

Depression is the biggest cause of suicide

In this article you will read;
''The general thinking of most people is that 'he who has everything should not be depressed.' This thinking is completely wrong. Depression is a disease that can affect anyone, no matter how successful or prosperous they may be."

Our thoughts and behavior urge us that suicide is the solution

At 7:30 a.m., as soon as the sunlight began to enter my room, I reached out and turned off the alarm. Had a quick breakfast, and then walked to university.

On the way, I saw Sarah. After greetings, Sarah told me that she had applied for admission in optometry and that she was expected to join the university soon. I congratulated him. I felt a mixture of surprise and joy. Not that he has applied in optometry. On the contrary, she has managed to get here.

I met Sarah many years ago when I was completing an assignment for psychology. Sarah told me that when she was little, whenever something didn't suit her, she would cut her wrists with a blade. This tendency to commit suicide was seen in him from the age of 16.

When asked why he didn't talk to anyone in his house or ask for help, he replied, "I didn't want them to think I was crazy." It is very common for family members to call you insane because this is how you react to depression and other mental illnesses in our society.

Sarah escaped suicide simply because a friend noticed scars on her wrist. The same friend told the whole story to a teacher.

She was also a school psychologist. She would sit with him every day until he stopped thinking about suicide. She was asked to fill out a questionnaire to monitor her recovery, while she kept a diary of her thoughts. Gradually she was in a position to talk about her problems.

Why are we reluctant to help people around us who are suffering from depression?

Is it because we don't consider ourselves experts in it?

Or have we become so numb that we would rather turn a blind eye to such problems?

Many fellow students may have noticed Sarah's condition, but only one talked about it. Silence is not uncommon. I did the same when I went to the U.K.

When I went to the U.K in 2013, I met a girl who was preparing for her master's exams. I felt like something was wrong, but I didn't really understand what was going on. Maybe I just kept quiet because I didn't want to provoke him by asking.

I later found out that her mother had Hepatitis C, and is the only daughter, she was in charge of the house. Many times she would be silent, sad, lost in thought, and misunderstood. But then many times she would get very angry.

She was not depressed, but depressed.

He still doesn't have time to get help or talk about his problems. She is reluctant to accept help from anyone and is angry with her relatives.

I know a lot of people in this world who live great lives but are still surrounded by depression. And when depression becomes unbearable, they resort to over-the-counter medications. Then most of them slowly start taking two and then three and then several more tablets instead of one, to get rid of depression.

Mostly suicides cause by depression

According to the World Health Organization, depression is responsible for more than 80% of suicides worldwide. Men commit suicide more often because they can't speak. Men's expression of their problems is considered a sign of weakness.

Depression is the biggest cause of suicide,what's the reason?

There is a long list of celebrities who have suffered from depression, including Robin Williams, Princess Diana, and Marilyn Monroe. Recently, Deepika Padukone also admitted this and added a name to the list.

Deepika said that she has suffered from depression and anxiety in the past and that she managed to overcome her depression by talking to her aunt and a psychologist. But the shocking thing was that when she was completely free of depression, a friend of hers committed suicide because she was also suffering from depression and anxiety.

But then we are told that depression is just a brain tumor and can be easily overcome. Yes, this is true to some extent, but it is clear that there is a difference between being depressed and being depressed. Depression is just an emotional state, while depression is the name of long-term dissatisfaction.

Depression is a psychological condition caused by a deficiency of a chemical in the brain called serotonin.

It may be just a brainstorming session, but it is more than a temporary problem. It's a disease, so let's talk about it.

How are you able to Tell if Suicide may be a Possibility in a depressed state?

While suicide is usually hard to predict, there are some warning signs:

  • Being depressed or having other mental disorders
  • Talking directly or indirectly about eager to die or “not be around”
  • Increased social isolation
  • Significant changes in appearance and hygiene
  • Giving away valued possessions; making other preparations for death
  • A sudden change in mood
While anyone can become suicidal, there are certain risk factors that make suicide more likely:

  • Previous suicide attempt(s)
  • Having a loved one or friend who recently killed themselves; multiple suicides within the community
  • Other recent, significant losses, like the loss of a relationship or job
  • Cultural and non-secular beliefs supporting suicide (e.g., belief that suicide may be a noble resolution of a private dilemma)
  • Alcohol and substance abuse (as this will lower inhibitions and increase impulsiveness)
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Access to means of suicide (e.g., a gun, a number of pills)
  • Unwillingness to hunt help and/or barriers to accessing psychological state treatment

Misconceptions About Suicide

"People who mention it won't roll in the hay ."

Suicide threats should be taken seriously. the reality is that few individuals are single-minded in their decision to kill themselves; many are posing for help whilst they contemplate suicide.

"People who actually need to kill themselves are beyond help."

Fortunately, this is often not the case. Suicidal impulses could also be intense but short-lived. the bulk of people who are suicidal even for extended periods recover and may enjoy the treatment.

"Suicide may be a purely personal decision."

This argument is usually wont to justify a "hands-off" attitude. it's a misconception because suicide doesn't just affect the one that dies; it affects others also.

"Asking about suicide can put the thought in someone's mind."

Research proves that asking someone about suicide won't "put the thought in their head." In fact, many of us having suicidal thoughts often feel relieved when someone asks. Suicidal individuals are engaged during a private struggle with thoughts of death. Talking about the likelihood of suicide can alleviate the loneliness of the struggle and maybe a primary step in obtaining help.


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