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Side effects of poverty on people

Side effects of poverty on people health

      Being poor or being rich is the matter that matters upon your destiny and your fortune. Every person in this world wants to be perfect in the term of everything whether it is in the form of wealth or in the shape of prestige.

       But if you are richer and have much prestige you still lacking something in your life and that is a cause of restlessness for you. But if you are poor you have to fight for many essential things to make your life liveable. A poor man does not depend upon luck, he depends upon his survival works which he has to do for a living. These works do not affect his body health only but mental health as well. These effects can be positive for them or negative.

       But do you know many poor people have good body health conditions but most of them are mentally disturbed and badly ruminated. Here are some side effects of poverty that affect the body and mental health of poor people.

1. There is no second option for them(causing depression)

     People suffering from poverty do not have the second option in the form of a job, eating, living, etc. So, they are always in a constant state of depression and always have worry "What happened after this?" or ""What will be the next for it to compensate my needs?" and much more needs and other thoughts. So, their mind is very depressive due to little resources.

 2. Poverty kills the confidence of poor people

      As in almost every society, poor people are degraded and chances to do anything to their interests and abilities are little. So, they start thinking that they are not able to do anything (lacking confidence).
This is the major cause of unemployment in the poor though they are capable of it. 

3. Poverty affects the emotions

   You often listen that rich people are emotionless and they are rude. But it sounds odd but it is true that poor people are more emotionless than the rich people. The main cause of this is the continued unfair penalties to poor ones from society. So, this makes them emotionless and rude to others. But five fingers never the same. So, there is a variation as well.

4. It makes the will of anything severe

     If someone needs anything and he does not get it, there are two conditions. One will stop thinking about it because he can not get or achieve it. But the other possibility is the need or wish to become sever and sever. It affects the mental approach and ability of the person. So in each society, poor people are more desperate than rich ones.

5. It eradicates talent from people

     If you do not have a chance to do anything, your proficiency in that work is good for nothing. Everyone knows there are time and age limits for each and any work. If you don't allow to use this talent it will be wasted. The same case for the poor, they may possess many unique talents but due to lack of relations and resources, they can not utilize these talents. So, poverty affects the talent of anybody or may vanish it at all.

6. It affects self-respect

  Self-respect is a crucial part of anybody's personality. But I can be ruminated if you are poor. It is not true that every poor has damaged self-respect or every rich has great self-respect. But most of the people who have affected self-respect are poor. The reason is that if a man doesn't want to ask for help or any aid but if he does not have any way to come up with his problem, he has to go for help or request. This affects self-esteem.

7. It alters the way of thinking

         Poverty affects the way of thinking of a man suffering from poverty. It can partially or completely alter the way of thinking. When a child born in a low-class family, his way of thinking is normal like any other's child. But when he comes into the practical life and lacking the facilities he needs. His thoughts and vision about society and many other factors of life. 

8. (Worst than all) May leads to suicide

          The biggest side effect of poverty is the cause of suicide.Young people suicide more due to poverty. In general study 14.2 per 100,000 people suicide, every year. Most of these suicides, the major cause is poverty. People seek redemption in suicide. But this mindset should be changed.

It is my self-perception side effects of poverty. I hope you will like this article on the side effects of poverty.


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