Monday, July 27, 2020

What happens at just before death?

What happens to human body at just before death?

What happens inside the human body just before death?

What happens inside the human body at the last moment of life or just before death? Scientists claim to know this secret. The claim was made in a medical study in Germany.

According to research, a wave of electrical activity is generated in the brain before death or in the last moments of life.

During the study, researchers looked at the brain activity of dying patients to find out how the most important organ in the body stops working just before death.

He discovered that even when the signs of life disappear in other parts of the body, mental consciousness remains for a few minutes and can last for five minutes.

During a study by Charity University, a team of psychiatrists examined the electrical signals in the brains of nine people who had died.

All of these dying patients from Berlin and Cincinnati had fatal brain injuries and specialists had electrodes placed on their heads to see the mechanism of death.

They discovered that brain cells can function up to five minutes after a person's heart stops beating.

But when the cells stop working, an electric wave travels through the brain.

The researchers said that when this electric wave runs, the safe electro-chemicals that energize brain cells begin to run out and the process of death is completed.

"The important thing is that this process can be reversed, the cells die when the blood circulation stops and there is a lack of oxygen, which these cells use as energy for their functions," he said.

When this happens, the brain cells use the stored energy that allows them to work for a few minutes, after which they die completely.

This process is also called spreading depression, during which an electrical current runs through the nerve cells, after which they suddenly become silent at just before death.

However, the researchers said that the duration of the process could be debated.

The results of the study were published in the medical journal Annals of Neurology.


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