Wednesday, August 5, 2020

8 foods to keep away from the microwave

Nowadays, not everyone in the house eats at the same time or even the food that they take to the office, the tendency to heat it in the microwave is quite common.

But some research reports suggest that reheating some foods in the microwave can be dangerous to health.

Do not use the microwave for these foods

Here are some foods that should not be reheated if not stored properly.

Fried food

foods to keep away from the microwave

Now, whether it's French chips, fried chicken or something else, it's best to eat fried foods fresh, but if leftover, never heat them in the microwave because they soften them instead of being crispy. In comparison, it is better to heat them for 10 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit inside the oven and also with a baking sheet.


foods to keep away from the microwave

If the pizza is heated in the microwave, it feels soft at first, but after a minute or two it hardens and the food can spoil the taste in the mouth. If you want to reheat it, foil it. Stir and then heat over medium heat on the stove until the cheese melts.


foods to keep away from the microwave

Pak contains nitrate which, when heated in the microwave, turns into a harmful ingredient and can be destructive to the stomach.


foods to keep away from the microwave

If protein-rich eggs are boiled or cracked, reheating them in the microwave can be harmful and can damage the digestive system.


foods to keep away from the microwave

The case of potatoes is somewhat different. If they are not refrigerated immediately after cooking, there is a risk of developing bacterial botulism inside them at room temperature. These bacteria do not die when the potatoes are reheated in the microwave. So, if you plan to reheat the potatoes, it is best to refrigerate them soon.


foods to keep away from the microwave

Rice is something that is often heated in the microwave, but it is also harmful food. According to the UK's Food Standards Agency, reheating is not a problem, but the way they are stored before reheating can be harmful. Raw rice can contain a variety of bacteria that can survive after cooking. If you leave the rice at room temperature after cooking, there is a significant increase in the number of bacteria that can be reheated to cause vomiting or cholera. Can cause This means that the longer the rice is kept at room temperature, the more dangerous it can be to health if reheated.


foods to keep away from the microwave

Reheating chicken is a case in point. When cold chicken is reheated in the microwave, the protein in it changes, which can lead to digestive problems if you want to reheat. If so, make sure that it is heated enough to make the inside very hot.


foods to keep away from the microwave

Like spinach, it also contains nitrates, and re-heating in the microwave can cause abdominal pain, so it is best to peel it without heating it to avoid danger.


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