Thursday, August 6, 2020

12 great regrets in the last age

regrets in the last age

Everyone has the right to choose in life but often there is uncertainty on such occasions and most people think what would happen in life if we chose something else.

In fact, no one's life can be completely free from remorse, failure in relationships, loss of opportunities to move forward, poor decisions, etc. are part of most people's lives.

Some choices may seem easy at the moment, but later it turns out that the end result is as desired, while other decisions are difficult to follow.

But some regrets are fundamental and arise not as a result of a single sector but as a result of an individual's way of life.

To learn about some of the regrets that most people face in later life, even though they are not very difficult to avoid.

I wish I could spend more time with my loved ones

Most men do not spend time with their loved ones due to work or other worries and convince themselves that I will compensate them as soon as they are free, but time is something that once it passes, it does not come back.

I wish I didn't live a more anxious life

Anxiety actually uses your imagination to raise issues you don't like or to cause situations you don't want.

I wish I could forgive people's mistakes

Only a strong person can dare to apologize, but an even stronger person has the courage to forgive the mistakes of others. Forgiving and moving forward saves you from jealousy, resentment or similar negative emotions and gives you a chance to enjoy the pleasures of life.

I wish I had stood up for myself

Never allow yourself to be silenced after being abused. For no one in the world can be more important than his own caste, followed by the number of our loved ones.

I wish I had lived my life on my own

Most people are forced to live according to the will of their elders or someone else who becomes a big regret in later life, spend your time on the things you want to do or at least try. In fact, the greatest achievement of life is to live your life as you wish.

I wish I was more honest

If you turn away from your basic truth, your own web of lies will eventually trap you. Honesty is the most transparent way.

I wish I had done less

Continuing to do something that you don't feel passionate about, whether it leads to success or not, definitely increases stress in life. Even if there is passion in this work, the pressure of work needs to be balanced in other matters of life, otherwise, it becomes a great regret before death.

I wish I had paid less attention to other people's opinions

Don't waste your time on other people's useless opinions if caring about people's thoughts can make life hell. In fact, most people have a negative opinion of you when they don't know your personality properly.

I wish I had lived life to the fullest

Live according to your wishes. Don't let others' expectations discourage you. There is no fun in this hectic life that can be satisfied with the ability to adopt a better lifestyle.

I wish I had faced my fear

There is not much distance between your greatest desire in life and your greatest fear, but it is up to you to decide which way to go. Remember fear is temporary but regret becomes a part of life forever.

I wish I hadn't run after the wrong choice

This is the remorse of every person who goes astray in life and in the end he realizes what he has done but at that time there is no way of compensation. So if you do something wrong from the beginning, then don't forget to seize the opportunities to get on the right path in life.

I wish I had lived in the present instead of the future

The future is far away. What you have is the present moment that can make a difference in your life that you will always remember. Take time for the present moment of your life and ask yourself if there is anything in your life that you will regret later. And if so, try to fix it.


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