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How does the birth order affect you?

 Every child has a different personality than his or her siblings, and according to science, the order of birth can affect personal strengths or weaknesses to some extent.

Another important reason is that every parent's approach to raising a child can be different and it can be good or bad.

Birth order you and your personality

How does the bird order affect you and your personality? These elements and features are as follows. But there are also a number of factors that influence or can influence siblings' personality in relation to their birth order.

Older children are leaders

How does the birth order affect you

Yes, firstborn children or of higher bith order are committed and active leaders, according to child and family therapist Marie Wells. They can get an education and they can grow up with a lot of self-confidence and strength to become a leader.

This leadership role was also confirmed in a 2012 study by the University of Georgia. Parents often ask the older child to help the younger siblings and the household chores, which also seems to be their leading role, as the mother says to take care of the younger child during a task, so Older children understand responsibility and care.

Older children can be smarter

How does the birth order affect you

Several research reports, including a 2017 study from the University of Edinburgh, found that older children or of higher bith order may have higher IQs than younger siblings. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly.

According to experts, the time parents get to understand the first child explains good things. For example, parents are more likely to talk to older children, whether they are at home or walking outside. Parents ask them a variety of questions that improve their ability to think analytically and imaginatively.

According to a study, 21 out of 23 NASA astronauts are the offspring of the firstborn, have a greater ability to memorize words, and learn to think like adults, which is why they are more responsible. But there can also be a loss of parental attention and pressure on them because they can be pressured to do everything well.

Middle children are creative

How does the birth order affect you

Because older children have already done what they do, they feel like they have lost their identity, but they have a stronger relationship with their siblings, which is why they have a lower risk of emotional illness.

The desire to be more prominent than others makes them more creative and they do not face the same expectations that parents have for older children. When middle-aged children find interesting ways to get attention, they are often mixed-up artists or comedians.

Middle children are good negotiators

How does the birth order affect you

Middle-aged children often work to reconcile their siblings and also succeed in leadership roles. Experts say that middle-aged children may have the right feeling that they are overwhelmed by the big or small, but they are the best. There are negotiators and conciliators.

One study found that such children performed better in a group situation than older or younger siblings because they knew how to get along with people and how to calm the situation.

The spirit of reconciliation can also make their marriages happier.

Young children are often the foundation of business

How does the birth order affect you

It is thought that the youngest child or of lower bith order in the family has a special place in the heart of the parents and this may be true, but often these children may feel more deprived. That is, getting less than their siblings causes them to complain because they are unable to understand the difference between themselves and their older siblings, which makes them feel unfair.

Often older siblings also don't like to play with them which makes them feel neglected and that is why they find a way to make their own way and according to research this is more likely. That they become business managers.

Young children are calmer

How does the birth order affect you

When the first child is born, the parents have no experience in raising them, so they are more strict or lenient, but when it comes to the youngest, the parents know what to do. So these kids benefit because the parents are calm.

When parents feel more calm and carefree, it also affects the baby at home, the youngest child, who is calmer.

In the same way, if the parents' attention is divided among the children, then the younger child gets more freedom and due to the nature of carelessness, the younger children become more attractive and funny.

According to a British survey, the youngest children are the most humorous in the family and they also make it a source of attention.

Lonely children can have the same personality as older and younger children

How does the birth order affect you

If there is only one child in the family who does not possess any birth order, he gets the full attention of his parents for the rest of his life, that is, he is also the child of the firstborn and even the youngest, then they have a mixed experience.

In a study conducted in the United Kingdom has been found that single children are happier because they do not face competition from their siblings, but this lack also affects their ability to socialize, but a few years after they go to school, they Are equal.

Family size affects middle-aged children the most

The scientific explanations for the birth order of older, middle and young children described above are, in fact, research reports on the presence of 3 children in a family, but when the number of children is more than 3, The effects are most compelling.

Research from Ohio University has found that although older and younger children may receive the same attention, middle-aged children may have difficulty forming their own identities.

Birth intervals are also important

How does the birth order affect you

The shorter the interval between siblings' births or ages, the greater the likelihood of things related to the order of birth. Research reports have found that the shorter the age gap between siblings, the more competitive they are because they have the same needs from their parents.

In fact, twins are more competitive, but a 4-year interval between siblings can be considered better when the child begins social life after school, but a gap of more than 5 years, according to some experts. Resets the order of birth, that is, the fetus may develop the same characteristics as the firstborn.

But gender can change everything

How does the birth order affect you

In fact, many times all scientific theories are left in limbo and the gender gap is clear. According to experts, in a society where family traditions are given more priority, everything can change.

For example, if a boy is more important in a society, then if the first child is a girl and then a son is born, then the situation is reversed.

But a recent British study found that if the parents' first child is a girl, she is more ambitious and has a 13% higher chance of graduating than a boy, while the first child is a daughter and the older brother. It also helps parents more in caring for younger siblings.

But sometimes it happens that if too many brothers have one sister or vice versa, that is, if too many sisters have one brother, then in both cases these children can get more attention from the parents.

Your parents' birth order is also affected

How does the birth order affect you

According to child and family therapist Marie Wells, the birth order of parents can also have an effect in this regard, as if the parents themselves are the children of the firstborn, they should feel the burden of their first child as much as possible and cooperate more, ie unconsciously. It may be that they do not become like their parents to their children, as they may face pressure or expectations as they grow up and they may be grateful to their parents for raising them, but to protect their children from it. Can try


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