maintain the fragrance of perfume for a long time

Who doesn't like to use perfume, but most people are not very familiar with the use of perfumes and because of this, even the most expensive perfumes smell very quickly.

That is, you apply perfume in the morning and after an hour the scent disappears, but did you know that it is possible to keep this scent for a long time?

In fact, depending on where you apply it, applying it to certain parts of the body can help to maintain the fragrance of perfume for a long time.

Experts have identified areas of the body where perfume sprays can help maintain the scent throughout the day.

In the hair

Hard to believe but there are some great places to spray your hair perfume, as they help to preserve the scent while also making the surrounding environment fragrant with your movement.

According to experts, the fragrance goes to the roots of the hair and thus the fragrance lasts longer, but if you are using alcohol mixed with perfume, it is better to spray it on the hair and apply it on the hair to prevent the hair from becoming dry. ۔

On the upper surface of the ears

People usually apply perfume behind the earlobes, but another area is the upper part of the ear, which does not dry out the skin. If you don't know, know that oily skin helps to retain fragrance longer than dry skin.

In the front of the elbow

The parts of the body where the pulse points are, ie where the veins are close to the skin, they emit heat, they help to retain the scent for a long time, they include the neck and wrists, but not the elbows. The front part is a great place to be.


It is also possible to apply a few drops of perfume on the navel, as mentioned above, the parts of the body that emit heat, help to retain the scent for a long time, the location of the navel is one of them. ۔

Behind the knees

The soft part of the back of the knee is also one of the best places for perfume. Spraying perfume there will be able to retain the scent throughout the day and also make the surroundings smell while walking.

Under the shins

The legs generate heat while walking and therefore spraying perfume on the shins can help maintain the scent throughout the day.

In the ankles

Before wearing shoes, spray perfume on the feet, especially on the ankles. Your feet are in motion all the time, so it helps to keep the scent for a long time and feel the effect from head to toe.

In clothes

According to experts, apply perfume on the body before wearing so that the fragrance can be absorbed into the skin, however, the use of perfume on woolen garments also helps to maintain the fragrance for a long time.