Tuesday, August 11, 2020

14 Best ways to improve your eyesight

improve your eye sight

Visual impairment has become a common problem these days and can be cataracts at an early age. However, if you try, you can protect and improve your eyes from premature or age-related weakness and avoid wearing glasses.

How to improve your eyesight?

Here are some tips to help you keep your eyes healthy and improve your eyesight.

Use fish twice a week

Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help protect the eyes from the risk of dry eye disease and improve your eyesight. If you do not like fish, you can also use fish oil supplements with the advice of a doctor.

Always use Goggle

Whenever you do swimming or woodworking, be sure to wear goggles. Swimming goggles protect your eyes from chlorine while preventing particles from entering the eyes during woodworking that can cause corneal scratches.

Avoid dry air

Make it a habit to keep the air in the car facing the feet instead of the eyes. Dry air-conditioned air absorbs moisture from the eyes like a sponge, so try not to let the air coming out of the car's AC towards your face. Too much dryness in the eyes can cause corneal scratches and even blindness.

Choice of red onion

Use red onions to eat. Compared to other types, this onion contains more antioxidants called halotin which protects the eyes from diseases like cataracts.

Adopt protection

Wear sunglasses whenever you leave the house. This will not only help block the harsh rays emitted by the sun but will also protect the eyes from the effects of air dryness.

Use of yam

Use vitamin A-rich yam more often this season. This is a great way to improve your night vision and also help prevent blurred vision and improve your overall eyesight.

Keep clean

Women must remove make-up from their eyes at night, while men and women who wear lenses should also take it out at night and make it a habit to sleep. Small pieces of make-up in the eye can cause itching or discomfort in the cornea while wearing a lens increases the risk of various diseases.

Towel separation

Use a new or at least your own towel to clean your face each time. The combined use of towels increases the risk of eye infections, conjunctivitis, and is sure to occur if someone suffers from it.

Use spinach twice a week

Spinach can be eaten in a variety of ways and it does not matter, but make sure to use it regularly. According to various medical research reports, lutein in spinach is an ingredient that can help prevent cataracts and cataracts in the eye muscles with age and improve your eyesight.

Take a break

Set an alarm every half hour when you are working on a computer or reading a book. Use this as a reminder to take your eyes off your work or book and look at a distant place for thirty seconds. This method will help you to prevent eye fatigue and the burden on it.

Keep an eye on your blood pressure

Check your blood pressure every month. If you wish, you can do this at home with a common monitor found in the markets. If you don't know about high blood pressure, it increases the chances of damage to the veins of the eyes.

Use a hat on the head

Get in the habit of wearing a big hat with sunglasses. The hat protects from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays by 50% and reduces the chances of these rays reaching the eyes from above or below the glasses.

Stimulating the brain

Sniff chamomile or mint oil together on your hands. Medical researchers say that chamomile oil increases the waves inside the brain that improve the ability to alert and concentrate. These scents stimulate the complex system of the brain and its effects reach the eyes, which allows you to see more easily in dim light.


Get in the habit of walking at least four times a week if want to improve your eyesight. Various medical evidence suggests that regular exercise may help reduce the pressure inside the retina in people with cataracts. According to a study, if patients with cataracts take a brisk walk for 40 minutes four times a week, the pressure inside the eye can be significantly reduced, which will reduce the need for medication for the disease.


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