Line under the nose


Have you ever wondered why there is a line above the lips and below the nose and what its purpose is?

It is called 'Philtrum' in medical parlance and in practice, it is not for any purpose or aimless.

So the question is why does it happen on every face?

In fact, this line is formed in the mother's womb, because there are times in the beginning of pregnancy when every child loses a face.

After two to three months, changes begin to take place and the face begins to form.

First, the nostrils and then the mouth is formed and then they move to the place where everyone has a nose and a mouth.

So when the nose and lips reach their place, this line appears.

Sometimes the nose and lips do not move properly, so the cut lips are visible on the face.

This line is common not only in humans but also in most mammals and is pointless for them as well.

But in cats and dogs, it is useful and it helps their sense of smell.