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8 Amazing health benefits of marriage

health benefits of marriage

Best health benefits of marriage

Its snoring may force you to hold your head or unwanted habits drive you to the brink of insanity. But your spouse can also save your life on a daily basis.

According to a new study, middle-aged married people are more physically fit, stronger grip and faster than their unmarried peers.

The study, from University College London, surveyed more than 20,000 people in the United States and England and found that married people move faster than divorced people. While divorced women have a weaker grip.

Experts believe that the stress of divorce also has an effect on physical health.

This is not the first time that scientists have linked marriage to good health. Earlier, a study found that married people with cancer were more likely to avoid the disease than unmarried people.

The University of California study found that married people have better social support, which is the key to protecting them from this deadly disease.

But do you know the following secret Health benefits of marriage?

Reduces the risk of heart attack

The first and amazing health benefit of marriage is there will be a minimum chance of getting heart attack. Getting married reduces the risk of a heart attack in both men and women. The claim was made in a medical study in Finland. According to research, the risk of heart attack is reduced by 65% ​​in married women and 66% in men. The study, from the University of Turquoise in Finland, found that marriage reduced the risk of death from blood vessel problems in men and women of all ages. And that this led to married people living healthier lives, more friends, and Have to get social support.

Take more care of your safety

Another health benefit of marriage is that Married couples are less likely to engage in hazardous activities such as driving fatally or abstaining from harmful substances (drug use). According to a study by Ohio State University, when people get married, there is a significant reduction in the tendency for dangerous actions within them. And this is probably due to the realization of those who are dependent on them (wife, husband and children). And that is why they take special care of their safety.

The chances of stroke are low

According to a study published in the journal American Stroke Association, married men have a 64% lower risk of fatal stroke than single men. Research has also shown that a good relationship with your spouse affects your chances of surviving a stroke. Meaning that if you are unhappy with your marriage, there is no significant reduction in your risk of stroke.

According to researchers, this may be due to the fact that married people have more access to immediate medical help in the event of a stroke than unmarried people. Because the longer they receive medical help after a stroke, the greater the risk of death.

Decreased stress levels

According to a University of Chicago study, getting married significantly reduces the risk of stress or frustration.

According to research, long-term relationship changes the hormones that cause stress. According to researchers, although life after marriage is full of stress. But it is much easier for married people to overcome other problems in their lives.

More likely to survive after operations

A good partner is helpful in recovering after major surgery such as heart bypass. According to a University of Rochester study, happy couples are three times more likely to survive 15 years after major surgery than single people. According to researchers, a good relationship helps people stay healthy, but this only happens when the couple is satisfied with each other.

Protection against mental illness

Married men and women have a lower risk of many mental illnesses. According to an American study, the rate of depression is lower in married couples and the risk of developing other psychological disorders is significantly lower than in single people or divorced people.

Better sleep

If the relationship with your spouse is pleasant, your sleep is also much better than that of unsatisfied couples or single people. According to a University of Pittsburgh study, if the relationship is happy after marriage, people's sleep quality improves.But unhappy couples are more likely to be affected by sleep. And if sleep is not enough, irritability and other diseases, including obesity. The risk increases.

Long life

The greatest benefit of marriage is longevity. Various research reports have suggested that couples may live longer after marriage. A study of 5,000 people by Duke University found that whether people get married at a young age affects health risks. According to researchers, unmarried people are twice as likely to die early.

What is the best age for marriage?

It is said that those who eat the wedding fight will regret it. And those who do not will regret it, but what is the best age for this lifelong relationship?

So now scientists have tried to give the answer in research.

Researchers at the University of Utah have tried to determine the age at which marriage is best for a couple and the relationship lasts longer.

The study looked at the habit of breaking up thousands of marriages. And found that 28 to 32 years is the best age when a marriage can help to make the relationship last longer.

During the study, researchers analyzed data from the 2006 National Survey on Family Affairs in the United States, which found the age range between 28 and 32 to be ideal for marriage.Researchers believe that early marriage increases the risk of a relationship breaking down, while a lifetime relationship in middle age is also at risk.

By the way, regardless of this research, marriage has many effects on human health.

According to a study released yesterday, wife obesity increases the risk of type 2 diabetes in husbands.

However, a good relationship between the couple can also help protect them from mental health, heart disease and many other life-threatening illnesses.

Is marriage good for mental health?

Unmarried people have a much higher risk of mental retardation or dementia.

This was revealed in a medical study in Sweden.Research has shown that distance from marriage can increase risks to mental health.

The study, compiled from the medical data of 2.2 million people, found that divorced single people had twice the risk of dementia, traumatic death or single people.

The study looked at people between the ages of 50 and 74, and not all of them had dementia when the study began.

The study found that 32,000 people had a mental illness in 10 years. And found that single people had a higher risk of developing the disease than married people.Researchers say that there is no difference between men and women in this regard and both face the same risk.

According to researchers, the results show that being alone can sooner or later lead to dementia.

He said that if a person lives with his spouse, he feels less lonely. And also gets social support which reduces the negative mental effects like depression and fear.


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