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Natural ways to prevent Inflammation of the Prostate Gland

Natural ways to prevent Inflammation of the Prostate Gland

Best natural ways to prevent Inflammation of the Prostate Gland

Human life is generally divided into three major periods, childhood, adolescence and old age. Physical problems, nutritional needs and routines differ in these periods, while diseases also vary. Yes, a fact that cannot be denied from a medical point of view that childhood and old age have one thing in common is weakness. In childhood, the child's immune system is weakened. Even in old age, the body's immune system is weakened due to poor functioning of the body's organs.

One obvious difference between the lives of children and the elderly is that the parents give the child the utmost attention, protection and love, while the elderly are often more prone to illness due to neglect and neglect of their children. Elderly health requires the same attention, protection and better care as children. Aging in itself is a major disease, and when left untreated, other aging-related disorders can exacerbate it. Thus, in old age, a number of diseases are very aggressive, including physical weakness, muscle and nervous weakness, visual and hearing impairment, heart and kidney diseases, brain diseases and blood pressure, etc.

The most painful disease in the elderly is inflammation of the prostate gland. It is one of the most common and only menopausal diseases of the modern age. It is found equally in every region of the world, usually after the age of 50. People who are careless and careless about their health. They are at risk of contracting the disease after 40 years. It is also considered painful because it is a disease of the elderly and weak people, while weak people are already degenerating, weakened immune system. When they fall, they are less able to fight diseases.

Causes of premenstrual syndrome

This gland is found in the mouth of the bladder and the urethra passes through it. When this gland grows, there is pressure on the urethra which obstructs the flow of urine. The main reason is the gradual decrease in the production of male hormones which occurs with age. Microscopic analysis shows that the cells inside the prostate gland increase in size, and the fibers of the glands The structure of the muscular tissue also increases. As the adenoma grows, the structure of the urethra changes, leading to obstruction and narrowing of the urethra. Urinary incontinence causes the bladder to become full, affecting the bladder and kidneys.

According to ancient medicine, the causes of inflammation of the adrenal glands include colds in the elderly, retention of urine for a long time, indigestion, acidity, evaporation, constipation and severe attacks of some fevers. Inflammation of the adrenal glands is on the rise. People who are very sexually abusive can be nurtured by this problem.


Severe urinary obstruction is caused by sudden enlargement of the glands. This is due to infection and inflammation of the glands. The patient needs urine but is unable to pass it. The bladder is filled with urine and there is severe constriction. And there is severe pain. Usually there is a mixture of blood in the urine. Two aspects should be considered in the symptoms of inflammation of the adrenal glands. First: The patient has a strong need to urinate but when he starts urinating, the urine does not come out and he has to wait for the urine to come out. The urination is also very weak. Second: The patient needs to urinate frequently. Frequent urination occurs frequently. Sometimes the interval between urination is only five or ten minutes.


Symptoms are very important in the diagnosis of this disease and the physician can diagnose only by considering the symptoms. Urinary incontinence is the most common way to diagnose a prostate infection, but sometimes this symptom is not considered enough or does not reflect the full nature of the disease. However, modern inventions of the diagnostic system, ultrasonography and cystoscopy can be of great help in diagnosing this disease. In addition, an anal examination can be helpful in diagnosis. If further diagnosis is required, bone scan, X-ray, LFT, etc. test will make the diagnosis easier.

 Naturopathic treatment premenstrual syndrome

Ancient medicine provides a complete, healing and successful treatment of adenoid glandular inflammation and naturally prevent Inflammation of the Prostate Gland. For instant relief, boiling cassava flowers in water and tapping them externally provides immediate relief. In the same way, boiling tobacco in water and tying it semi-warm also gives immediate relief from pain. Sift purple flower 5 grams, badian 5 grams, root cassava 5 grams, dried mako 5 grams, seeds kartam 5 grams, khatmi 5 grams and manqi 9 pieces in one pound of water. Twice a day, use four tablespoons of Buzoori syrup. Finely grind the samaq grain and mix it with homogenous Egyptian and give a dose of 5 grams to the mouth. It also reduces the severity of the disease.

Modern treatment

In modern medicine, alpha-blocker drugs are given to reduce the size of the glands. There are also side effects, such as high blood pressure and dizziness. The best and easiest solution in modern medicine is TUR. It removes the urinary obstruction immediately. This operation is usually considered as a small operation which helps the patient to recover quickly but the disease attacks again. In any case, there is a possibility of overeating. Keep in mind that if the disease is neglected, the disease can intensify and enter the stages of cancer. Should be given so that any dangerous situation can be avoided later.


During the disease, the patient should be completely relaxed. He should refrain from physical movements and abstinence. He should also refrain from paying the stipend of the spouse. Eggplants, fats, sweets, sour and greasy foods should be avoided altogether. Urinary beverages, fruit juices, etc. should be used frequently. Avoid prescriptions to enjoy certain moments. Avoid amateur formulas to increase strength. Avoid poultry and fried foods. Follow the principles of hygiene and take regular morning walks. We say with confidence that you will be safe from this painful disease


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