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What effect does air travel have on the body?

                                   What effect does air travel have on the body

When you travel by air, you experience a variety of experiences or worries about how the flight will be delayed or how the trip will go.

But do you know what effect it has on your body when you reach thousands of feet above the ground?

Effects of air travel on the body

In fact, air travel puts a lot of pressure on the body and has a variety of effects.

In fact, air travel affects the body in four ways.


The air you breathe inside the aircraft is very dry because most of it comes from outside where the humidity is very low, while the humidity inside the cabin is between five and 35 percent. It can also be compared to some deserts. Drinking water during air travel can help prevent fatigue and headaches.

Taste sensation is affected

If you have never paid attention, try it for yourself during the next flight. You will find that the taste of food in the air is very different from that of the earth, due to the lack of moisture in the air Reduces capacity. Similarly, engine noise can affect up to 30% of the flavor of sweet and salty dishes.

Effects on the stomach

The air pressure in the planes is lower than what you are accustomed to on the ground, as a result of which gas starts to spread in the body and you start to feel bloating and gas etc.

Ear pain

During air travel, the ears do not immediately regulate the pressure difference in the air, so they feel pain or numbness. To avoid this, hold your nose and start swallowing burning saliva.


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