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Best ways to prevent headache

prevent headache


Useful Tips to prevent headache

The physicians of old used to cover their lack of knowledge by calling it evaporation and gas when they did not understand the disease, whereas today, despite the availability of all modern medical and diagnostic tools, when a physician diagnoses a disease. When he is unable to diagnose, he saves himself by calling it tension, depression, and anxiety.

Whether it is flatulence or gas, tension, or symptoms of depression, the sufferer in each case knows what is going on. Most of the people around us are complaining of headaches. It is an incurable disease that can engulf you at any time, in any place, and in any condition. Man must get frost at some point.

Causes of headache

The causes of headaches vary. Usually, the presence of toxic substances in the blood causes a state of pain. Physical Fatigue, High Blood Pressure, Low Blood Pressure, Low Blood Sugar Levels, Lack of Oxygen in the Blood, Stomach Upset, Liver Diseases, Chronic Constipation, Stress, and Nervous Stress, Severe Heat or Cold Attack, Fever, Flu, Chronic Colds, over-exposure to bile, sudden trauma, hearing any good or bad news, and environmental effects can cause headaches. Marie Antoinette syndrome is caused by stress. 

Dozens of headaches are easily triggered at any given time. Unnecessary noise, the noise of car horns and environmental pollution, bright light, bright sun, scent or bad smell, etc. can also cause headaches.

Headache symptoms

Often there is pain in the head. Sometimes there is a feeling of pain in different parts of the head. Sometimes there is sweating along with the pain and sometimes there is vomiting and nausea. Sometimes due to extreme heat. When there is a headache, there is irritation in the eyes, fever, hot scalp and dryness of the nostrils of the tongue and nose, while in the headache caused by the predominant cold, the senses are confused, the touch of the head is cold and the face is down. Is.

Sometimes some people have severe headaches. Migraines are called migraines and their causes and treatment are different from headaches. There will be a separate article on migraines.

Home Remedies to prevent headache

Symptoms of headaches are very important. Because whenever there is a headache due to high blood pressure, extreme caution is required and sodium-free medicine should be given to avoid further trouble. In case of pain, the pain is manifested in the back and lower part of the head. Similarly, in case of low blood pressure, the condition of pain is usually severe towards the forehead. In such cases, the use of any medicine which raises the blood pressure should be avoided. There is a risk of reduction.

Headaches caused by high blood pressure can be relieved by normalizing blood pressure. In the same way, it is important to keep the blood pressure normal in order to get rid of the headaches that appear due to low blood pressure. Frequent consumption of a balanced diet full of energy and nutrition can reduce the low blood pressure. The chase can be redeemed.

When stomach ailments are the cause of headaches, use fennel, 5 grams, white cumin 5 grams and cardamom microscopy in 1 cup of water as a coffee.

When headaches are caused due to mental weakness, then nutritious and nutritious food is required. To overcome mental weakness, almond kernel, nut kernel, walnut kernel, carrot, herd, book, apple, banana, poppy, Appropriate use of cinnamon, fennel, black pepper, oud, Brahmi, milk, desi ghee, butter, dates, eggs, ginger, amla, and balchhar, etc. also proves to be useful.

When the headache is due to dryness of the brain, along with the diet, you should also massage the oils which externally stimulate the brain, such as pumpkin oil, almond oil, and lip balm, etc. To get rid of dryness of the mind as well as physical dryness. Applying a few drops of almond oil in both ears and navel daily has immense benefits.

Similarly, if the headache is due to constipation, then constipation should be relieved first. Use millions and millions of anti-constipation foods. Mixing one teaspoon of sugar in lukewarm milk also relieves constipation.

To prevent headaches caused by stress and nervous tension, it is important to try to avoid stress and nervous tension. Be happy all the time, try to keep others happy too. Feelings of jealousy, lust, hatred, resentment and anger avoid sleep as much as possible, get at least eight hours of sleep daily and rest after work. If possible, play any sport that is a daily exercise that is both physical and mental refreshing. Brought


Patients with high blood pressure should use less salt and fat. Excessive consumption of meat can also be harmful. People with chronic constipation should consume more raw vegetables, fruits, and fruit juices. Meat, spices, fats, sweets, cola drinks, bakery products, chocolates, ice cream, eggplant, lentils, lentils, rice It is good to avoid coffee and smoking, and alcohol as much as possible. If you can't there are a lot of good alternatives like Nicotine PouchesTo stay permanently safe from headaches, make blood circulatory exercises an essential part of your daily routine.

Note! When you have a persistent headache, set your medication and diet together with a specialist without wasting time on ear tips to avoid any major risks.

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