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Nutritional treatment, an easy way to get healthy

Nutritional treatment, an easy way to get healthy

We read and hear every day that modern scientific research has discovered the benefits of turmeric, cloves, ginger, and various other items!

We are amazed at the knowledge of those who write and say such things that the information or medical features that are being advertised as breaking news today, doctors have said a lot about these unique ingredients centuries ago.

 In view of the complexities of the disease, "compounds" in medicine are subject to changes in human temperament and physical needs. It was also considered necessary to make the treatment customary. Even today, wise physicians prefer treatment with unique ingredients, proper diet, and an effective diet according to the patient's mood, condition, and physical needs, but sometimes the patient's mood deteriorates. In the event of a disturbance in physical condition and disruption of physical needs, the patient's well-being is paramount in trying to get rid of the disease with "compound" medicine and food.

Here we are describing the properties of individual plants. Human beings are divided into four temperaments.

Bloody temperament: 

Naturally warm-hearted, young aspirants and new waves are considered to have a bloody temperament. Unnecessary protein foods are harmful to them and light green leafy foods are very beneficial for them. The use of moderate and strong nutrients in terms of temperament is useful to them. People born under the planet Jupiter also have a bloody temperament.

Phlegmatic temperament: 

People with phlegmatic temperaments have a cold and wet nature. They are cold, cheap and easygoing. Eating any food with a bad temper like rice, milk, curd, cabbage, okra, potato, capsicum, banana, watermelon, etc. can cause mucus problems. Clove, Cinnamon, Ginger, Black Pepper Proper use of white cumin, onion, garlic and nutmeg, and jalutri gives relief and well-being in nature. People under the influence of Moon and Venus have a phlegmatic temperament.

Bile temperament: 

People with biliary moods get angry and sweat a lot on the forehead. Especially when eating, their nose and forehead get drenched in sweat. Naturally, they are active and do their best all the time. Sometimes there is a fever in the hands and feet. Bile people eat meat, eggs, fenugreek, eggplant, lentils, hot spices, dates, figs, etc., which cause heaviness and restlessness in the body, while all the foods that damage the phlegm are bile. Useful for people. People with the Sun and Mars are bilious.

Business temperament:

 Traders have cold and dry properties. Such people suffer from irritability and dark complexion. They like solitude but they also suffer from lack of sleep. Holders of Saturn and Mercury have a sweet temperament.

Some plants that will help you to get healthy

Here are some unique plants that have been used in these various diseases for centuries, full of useful and healing effects and help you to get healthy:


 It has many types and different colors. Among them, purple color is said to be the best and quickest benefit. It is considered to be a source of immense benefits in the treatment of colds, flu and cough. It also has unparalleled benefits in fever and burning sensation of hands and feet. It has a colder temperament and due to its own properties, it causes relief by eliminating the increased heat in the mood. Violet syrup and violet syrup have been used for centuries.


Bansal is a spontaneous herb and due to its natural antiseptic properties, it is considered to be the best medicine for epidemic and viral diseases especially chest diseases like TB, asthma, cough and shortness of breath Due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, bamboo is also used to remove blood stench. Giving bamboo coffee to patients suffering from cold, flu, cough and fever proves to have immediate effect.


 Licorice has been present in our homes for centuries. It is considered to be extremely useful in sore throat and hoarseness. It is naturally full of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties which can cure throat, throat, and lung diseases. It is considered to be extremely beneficial. It is the best helper in restoring the flow of air by eliminating the inflammation of the airways.

Fennel Seed

 Fennel is a must in our homes and chewing it after eating increases digestion. Fennel is considered a natural antibiotic and antibacterial plant. It softens the arteries by removing the accumulated material. At the same time, it cooks the raw mucus and enables it to pass out easily. It speeds up digestion and relieves evaporation from the stomach. Frequent use of fennel sharpens the eyesight and prevents water from flowing from the eyes.


 Turmeric has been an integral part of our kitchens and has been carefully incorporated into various curries and dishes for centuries. It has a warm and dry flavor and is naturally rich in antibiotic properties and eliminates all forms of internal inflammation. The best natural medicine for gastric and intestinal ulcers, inflammation of the uterus, and inflammation of the liver. The best treatment for white cataracts is to mix rose water in the eyes. Regular use of it enhances the body's immune system and also reduces the effects of aging due to its anti-aging properties.


 Amaltas has been found to have amazing benefits in throat and chest diseases for centuries. It has an unparalleled effect on sore throat and pain.

Dry hyacinth

In terms of temperament, Dry hyacinth is hot and dry and is rich in natural antibiotic properties. It excretes mucus and removes pneumonia and eliminates chronic cough. It also relieves colds and shortness of breath. It coffee also removes waste products and insects from the stomach. Its use dissolves the blood and inflammation accumulated in any part of the body and causes relief and relief. In asthma and shortness of breath, the syrup of Dry hyacinth has the best benefits.


Ginger is considered an essential part of our kitchens and is almost always added when cooking vegetables, pulses, and meat. The use of ginger boosts the body's immune system and helps prevent the harmful effects of cholesterol and uric acid. The body protects the human body. Ginger strengthens digestion, memory, and the stomach. It also removes mucus and saliva from the body and strengthens the nerves. Dried ginger is called ginger. It also gives excellent benefits in joint pain, back pain, and sciatica pain due to its excretion of pus, mucus, and salty substances.

Black Pepper

Black pepper, also called black pepper, is found in abundance in our homes all the time and it is also the best in terms of medical benefits. Its temperament is hot and dry and it is unique in asthma, cough and throat diseases. Has benefits. Medical experts use it to keep blood flow and circulation in balance. Pepper is also an excellent natural source of oxygen to the bloodstream and to the hair follicles of the body. ۔


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