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Loss of appetite: Why don't we feel hungry?

Loss of appetite

What is hunger and why does it feel?

When the organs are in need of food, they ask for food from the veins to suck, as well as the veins from their place of origin (the liver) and the liver from the vas deferens (mesenchymal arteries) and these veins from the stomach. Demand The mouth of the stomach (the mouth of the stomach) is smart (sensitive to the skin) so it is affected by the process of sucking.

At the same time, as a steroid, 'soda' falls from the spleen into the stomach, causing the stomach to constrict. This condition is called hunger (appetite). If there is a fraction left in any of these conditions, then there is a decrease in appetite.

Is loss of appetite a symptom of a disease or a disease in itself?

Keep in mind that lack of appetite indicates cold (heat) or heat (heat) of the liver as both of these cause the liver to become weak and the stomach does not absorb food (calories) from the stomach. But there are different reasons for this.

Why there is a loss of appetite?

Here are some common reasons for the loss of appetite.

  • Gastritis: Because gastritis hurts, nature hates food.
  • Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is the most common cause of gastric ulcers.
  • Excessive use of fried foods: Because they increase the amount of mucus in the stomach.
  • Excessive digestion and gas-producing foods: Such foods weaken the stomach.
  • Stomach upset: This is because the stomach becomes loose. Observations are observed to reduce appetite in summer,
  • Accumulation of abnormal mixtures in the stomach or all over the body: The presence of bile or salty substances in the stomach irritates the stomach. Sometimes sticky mucus accumulates in the stomach and reduces the feeling of hunger.
  • Obstruction of the passage between the mouth of the stomach and the spleen: In this condition, there is a desire for sour food and thus the appetite begins. If the sensation of the stomach is invalid and therefore there is no feeling of hunger, then there is no difference between eating sour food. Sometimes mental anxieties and traumas lead to loss of appetite. Sometimes it happens that the body is not inclined towards food because the body is inclined towards cooking cold ingredients and nature tries to make it a part of the body. Therefore, the organs stop sucking the food from the veins and the veins from the stomach. Sometimes the abnormal fluids in the body are less dissolved, therefore the appetite is reduced because the demand for food of the organs decreases.
  • In some people, the lack of acid in the stomach reduces appetite.

Symptoms of loss of appetite

1. If the cause of gastrointestinal upset is heat, then there is burning belching, there is less thirst, there is hatred of hot things and there is relief from cold food. And if the mood swings are cool, cold food will be hated. In this case, celery and mint coffee should be drunk.

2. If there is accumulated mucus in the stomach, the patient does not feel thirsty, the patient likes food that is hot and fast. After eating such food, the stomach becomes bloated and there is relief from belching. In this case, we should use cumin and fennel.

3. If bile or salty mucus accumulates in the stomach, then there is irritation, nausea, and vomiting in the stomach and the taste in the mouth is bitter or salty. Cinnamon is useful in such cases.

Sometimes unnecessary substances or mixtures of nausea, vomiting, bad breath, mild bras that have a strong odor. In such cases, vomiting should be done.

4. Liver diseases come in a variety of colors. Improve the liver for this.

5. If the skin of the body is solid and the patient can go without food for a while, then it should be understood that the body fluids are not dissolving. So massage, sweat.

Treatment of loss of appetite in Western medicine

Take Iso Meprazole 20 mg capsules half an hour later with fast-digesting food. If you have a stomach upset, take a teaspoon of potassium alginate and potassium bicarbonate.

It is best to consult a physician before starting this treatment.

Diets and preventions:

Add goat broth, chicken broth, peanut lentils, porridge. Avoid constipation, guide walking. Avoid slow digesting foods. Remember that the easiest treatment for gastrointestinal diseases is diet and proper exercise.


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