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Best facts about sensitive people

facts about sensitive people

Everything you should know about sensitivity

Since man is afflicted with various emotions and feelings, it is impossible to separate human life from emotions. The nature of emotions is inseparable from time, circumstances, and events, as well as from human nature.

Their intensity may be more or less everywhere, but the basis is the same. The question is, what happens if there are no emotions? Or what was the ultimate motivation for making them? So, on reflection, any rational person can know that the human body is like a piece of flesh without the senses. One of the main reasons for not likening animals to animals here is that emotions are also present in animals. Another thing that comes to mind is that an important part of the foundation of relationships is emotions.

A great example of the attraction and attachment that exists in blood relationships is the feeling of self-sacrifice in which the happiness of others is given more importance than one's own happiness. Where there is a pain in one person's chest, the whole family feels pain. It is as if a man is incomplete without feelings. As if they are devoid of feeling, they go just to grieve, to feel, and to be sensitive where it is considered a good sign and also to prevent difficulties for sensitive people.

 How are sensitive people?

In general, it is not possible to identify sensitive people very clearly. In fact, sensitive people are overly excited, anxious, and tired. Sensitive people become very enthusiastic when a new idea arises in their minds. But when the results turn out to be contrary to expectations, they suffer from anxiety and depression. The main reason for this now is, in fact, their over-emotionalism and fanaticism. It needs to be understood that sensitive people are so accustomed to living in the world of their dreams and following its principles that they cannot face reality. Reality and thought are two separate worlds that can hardly be reconciled.

If psychologically sensitive people are identified, they have a trait called sensory processing institute SPS. When clinical psychologist Alan Irwin, who discovered this special feature, began examining people who looked different from their surroundings, he found that those who did not have SPS were more likely to be in their own environment. Circumstances and events are able to examine even the smallest changes very closely.

Such people feel more loud, bright lights, violent scenes, loneliness, and fatigue than others. In general, when overly sensitive people are exposed to a strong stimulus, they carry a heavy burden that is not a good omen for their mental and physical health.

Feeling sensitive is not a bad thing

Sensitive people rarely tolerate the change in their environment. They observe changes in tastes, art, music, fragrances, attitudes, and seasons, and do not particularly like changes that are pleasant. At the same time, sensitive people are very painful and think in their own place to understand someone else's pain, which shows how much they care about the other person's feelings. As good listeners, they prioritize the desires of others over their own desires, become aware of people's lies, and help others in their suffering. People value what they say and follow their advice.

This is normal!

You are aware of the peculiarities of sensory processing, but they are often misunderstood and misunderstood. One of the main reasons for this is that the discovery is new, but that does not mean that it did not exist before. ۔ One study found that 15 to 20 percent of the world's population has SPS, and interestingly, this trait is found not only in humans but also in more than a hundred species of animals.

Sensitivity is also harmful

It's good to be sensitive that you understand the pain of others, try to share it. Evil is considered bad, but did you know that the lives of people with extreme sensitivity become difficult? Life is about moving forward.

Good and bad situations and events keep coming in a person's life, but to take them to heart and consider a turn as the last edge is nothing but utter nonsense. The unnecessary burden on oneself and suffering all the time makes a person a hotbed of other diseases.

Only those who are able to survive in all kinds of situations can survive in the environment. Sensitive people are so frightened by strong smells, changing seasons, loud noises that their lives are doubled. It is very important to reduce this intensity inside you. Less is said here because if one thinks that it can all end, it is not possible. Because natural things can be worked on more or less, it is not possible to eliminate them.

Awareness is important

Self-awareness is essential to get rid of some degree of sensitivity. Someone may try to tell a million, but unless a person admits himself, it is not possible for him to change anything from himself. If anyone knows this. If he is suffering from a degree of sensitivity that is causing him problems, then he will never be able to give up this habit. Experts believe that it is very important to assess whether you are at a level of sensitivity where living in an environment has changed. If so, consult a psychologist. Doing so will help you. Another important point is that sensitive people prefer desires to needs.

Weighing needs into the scales of desires makes life weightless. Spreading your legs while looking at your chador saves you from useless confusions. It is important to spend some time in silence. Never go out and appreciate nature's craftsmanship, spend time with people who care about you. Stimulate your creativity. Sensitive people have creative abilities. The best way to get rid of your level of sensitivity is to use your creativity properly.

Writing, reading, listening to music, enjoying the arts as well as improving your self-esteem can lead to positive changes in your mood. Make the most of your potential and make your life happier. Try to sit up in positive people. Sensitive people can't stand criticism. So choose people who can help you see the positive side of life. Relationships with those who do not interfere with your identity and respect your personal freedom are certainly no less than a blessing.


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