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Vitamin C deficiency symptoms on body health

Vitamin C deficiency symptoms

By the way, it is very unlikely that the body is severely deficient in it, but still some of our habits deprive the body of this vitamin as needed.

Our bodies need it for many functions, including fat burning.

     Because our bodies do not make it, they are more likely to be deficient, which requires the use of foods rich in vitamin C, such as malt, strawberries, papaya, tomatoes, cabbage and capsicum.

Symptoms of vitamin C deficiency

However, if you have vitamin c deficiency, these symptoms warn you to take immediate steps to address it.

Swollen gums and bleeding

        If the body is deficient in vitamin C, the gums are most affected, they tend to bleed more because it helps to heal wounds, due to which the gums do not heal quickly, as well as the presence of vitamin C. Antioxidants protect the gums from inflammation.

Dry hair

       When the hair is healthy and shiny, it is a sign that you are eating a balanced diet, but when the ends begin to break and the hair becomes dry, it may be due to its deficiency. Hair strength and health depend on collagen, which is important for the production of vitamin C. Deficiency of this vitamin can also lead to baldness.

Do not heal wounds quickly

       The body's wound healing mechanism is somewhat dependent on it. It also increases the production of vitamin collagen, which strengthens the tissues that form on top of the wound, a lack of which slows down the process.

Iron deficiency

       It help the iron in vegetables to be easily absorbed and without it it is not absorbed, meaning that vitamin C deficiency can lead to anemia.

Dry skin or wrinkles

      Collagen keeps the skin supple and wrinkle-free, so it's not surprising that a lack of this can make you look older at a young age, at least not because of wrinkles on the face. Similarly, adequate amounts of it maintain the impression of youth in middle age. It also reduces the damage caused to the skin by the sun's rays, while its excessive use maintains the softness of the skin for a long time.

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Being sick often

       It stimulates the production of white blood cells that target bacteria and viruses. It also protects the health of the body's immune cells so that they can function effectively against common seasonal diseases. If you often suffer from the flu or sore throat, it is a sign of a weakened immune system, the solution to which is to use more vitamin C.

Fatigue all the time

       Fatigue can be a symptom of a number of ailments and deficiencies at any given time, but it can also be a sign of its deficiency if the mood is irritable.It plays an important role in maintaining physical energy and mood.
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Weight gain due to low fat burning

        When there is a lack of vitamin C, it affects the body's energy, which has a negative effect on metabolism. When it slows down, it also increases the chances of gaining weight.

Joint pain and swelling

     If most of the cruciate ligament bones are made of collagen, vitamin C deficiency can lead to joint pain and swelling.


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