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Disadvantages of tea that are affecting your health

Disadvantages of tea

Are you aware of the disadvantages of tea?

Today's man is at the height of his evolutionary stages, he has been brought up with innumerable conveniences as well as innumerable difficulties with scientific and mechanical inventions.

Materially, of course, man has won many battles of success, but spiritually and physically, he has become entangled in many serious confusions. He is getting entangled in more and more deadly diseases while overcoming insidious diseases. These deadly diseases are the result of man's own efforts and discoveries.

Tea is a well-known invention of the nineteenth century and was initially used as a medicine but later business-minded people introduced it as a consumer product and encouraged people to drink it. Effective print and electronic media The advertising campaign has made tea a must-have for everyone in the house. This drink is the cause of such disorders which makes today's man very anxious. Tea is a poison of the advanced age from which only a few lucky ones will be safe.

Every day millions of people drink these unhealthy drinks worth millions of crores of rupees and are further aggravating their health. We are also the perfect double standard people who first buy the disease and then spend the money to get rid of it. And it is a bitter truth that thousands of people sacrifice it every day. We firmly believe that if only tea were to be removed from the world, man would be more than 50% safe from the dangers of the disease.

Tea is a common substance. It has a hot and dry taste in terms of its medicinal properties. It quenches thirst and is a diuretic. It not only raises blood pressure but also causes high blood pressure. It prevents calcium from becoming part of the body. It interferes with the production of RNA and DNA. It causes diabetes, cancer, and kidney disease.

Disadvantages of tea

Here are some disadvantages of tea which are given as below:

  • Excessive consumption of tea causes the body to produce a large amount of acid, which later becomes a source of acidic substances and increases the production of uric acid in the body. Thus, people addicted to tea get caught in parasitic diseases like gout, arthritis and joint pain.
  • Tea excretes water from the body due to its diuretic properties, resulting in loss of the required amount of water in the human body. Occurs, causing the blood to thicken. Due to blood clots, the blood vessels become narrow and thus circulatory disorders begin to appear.
  • The function of the kidneys begins to be affected. The amount of cholesterol in the blood begins to increase. As a result, heart attack, angina, Kidney failure is a risk factor for high blood pressure and high blood sugar.
  • Excess caffeine in tea causes bone weakness and excessive consumption of tea in children affects their physical growth and development. As a result, short stature is rare. 
  • Nerves begin to weaken. Tea drinkers gradually suffer from chronic constipation and many other diseases like stomach, liver, and kidney diseases. 
  • In addition, people who are addicted to drinking tea often suffer from insomnia and anxiety. Yes, depression and anxiety lead to indigestion. The most dangerous diseases of the present age are depression, anxiety, and unconscious fear, which affect one in four people. The biggest cause of these diseases is the excessive consumption of tea.

How to quit the habit of drinking tea

Here are some tips to help you quit the habit of drinking tea. People who consume a lot of tea should change their daily tea drinking routine and gradually reduce the amount of tea. Readers should note that drinking half a cup of tea in 24 hours is not taboo, because the human body needs a certain amount of caffeine that can be obtained from a cup of tea.

When getting rid of the tea habit, it is important to balance your diet to avoid the side effects of caffeine. Nuts, oils and nutrients should be used in the diet more than usual. Seasonal fruits and pure milk. Make it an integral part of your daily diet.

Finely grind 

  • almond kernel 50 grams
  • walnut kernel 50 grams
  • pistachio kernel 50 grams
  • kernel chalgoza 50 grams
  • almond kernel 50 grams
  •  Egyptian jug 150 grams

 and mix it with a spoonful of milk in the morning and evening to get rid of nervous weakness and physical fatigue. Grind Naguri and cook it well in up to 2 grams of milk and drink it to get rid of all kinds of physical pains. Physical weakness is also relieved. In the same way, mixing a teaspoon of honey in milk and drinking it also makes the body active and energetic immediately. Deficiency in the nerves loosens, fatigue prevails in the body, boredom and restlessness begin to develop in the body.


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