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Possible reasons of why relationships break up

Possible reasons of why relationships break up

Reasons to break up a relationship 

"Nothing in the world is as painful as rejecting the person you want." Relationships are human needs. The hopes, dreams and feelings associated with them mean a lot. Anyone who builds a relationship with good intentions spends all their energies watching the relationship flourish.

It is a natural thing that when a relationship is formed, expectations are also attached to the person in front of you and if there is even an iota of disloyalty as a result of the relationship, it is not possible to maintain it. There are countless reasons for a relationship to break up, but not all of them necessarily lead to the breakup of a relationship, but sometimes even a small thing can be a blow in breaking the bonds.

Sometimes it is very difficult to make and break a relationship. But the sayings of the wise and a few admonitions in some places are capable of giving full guidance to man. Because in every one of his sayings wisdom is full of experience and observation.

Sometimes in life you come in contact with people who at first seem to be insanely attached to you or in a relationship, but gradually their passion begins to settle like the foam of the sea. One wise man said in this regard, "Never belittle yourself for someone who leaves someone for you, because today he can leave someone for you, tomorrow he can leave you for someone else." ۔ ''

But it is also true that man believes and to do so is his human weakness. Without trust, this society will be destroyed in a matter of days and relationships are not formed by thinking with the mind, but these are decisions of the heart. The nature of the relationship can be different such as friendship, kinship, intimacy or even marriage.

Every relationship has certain requirements and if they are not met properly, the end of the relationship is the end. Below we are going to mention the reasons that cause the relationship to break up. Here are some tips to help you get a divorce, especially when you're married. You also know


Believe it or not, one of the biggest reasons for a relationship to end is infidelity. To understand infidelity, it is first necessary to know what it is. Infidelity is actually the name of turning away from an agreement made by two people together.

Take the example of marriage. Two people measure each other's joys and sorrows, laughter, joy and sorrow. Now, if one party leaves his partner and turns to another, it falls into the category of infidelity. A survey has revealed that the main reason for the breakdown of marriages is the infidelity or illicit relationship of the spouse. When one of the two people violates the sanctity of the relationship, the wall of trust and confidence is awakened.


Too much of everything hurts. Although love between husband and wife is very important and there is no abomination in its intensity, but excessive desire can be harmful. An article published in the International Relations and Group Process states that couples who show excessive attachment tend to have a shorter age than those who show less desire. Those who are overly sensitive and attentive want to see the other person molded into their own mold, and because each person has their own individual status and personality, such a coercive relationship does not last long. It is important to accept each individual as his or her own. Give yourself time and try to make a positive change, but picking up a stick and following someone can make that person run away from you. Proximity is not possible.


You have often seen people secretly or openly compare their life and partner, but did you know that the worst and most painful situation is when you are being compared to someone else. Try to believe that you are inferior to such and such a person. Married couples often make this serious mistake, which can have serious consequences. Experts say that competition is the enemy of your happiness. Because in doing so you forget the beauty of your relationship and humble yourself in trying to be like the other. It's safe to say that finding someone else's personality is important in recognizing that your partner is as important as he or she is.


By compromise, if you mean to agree to one of the other parties, then it is quite wrong. Compromise in a healthy relationship means that you have accepted your partner with all his strengths and weaknesses. Showing control over each other at every moment leaves the foundations of the relationship hollow. Although it is true that some believe in themselves and some believe in others. But there is no rule where bowing down is avoided. Doing so does not lead to any resurrection.


Sometimes a person's heart wants someone to understand the condition of his heart without understanding it. But it doesn't have to be this way, or it doesn't have to be this wayIt happens that is supposed to happen, but in the real world it happens very rarely. It is very important for human beings to express their emotions. Sometimes in a relationship one person sees warmth in the expression of emotions while the other is very cold which can be a big reason for separation.

If the two are not emotionally on the same line, it can hurt the nuances of the relationship. According to a researcher who specializes in marriage, unevenness in emotional relationships can affect the divorce rate by up to 80%. It's not a big deal, but it's a matter of how the two sides deal. Counseling can also be used to help.


Research published in the journal Psychology has shown that the people you love the most are the ones who get the most anger, the main reason being that you encounter them a lot. But sadly, anger is extremely damaging to relationships and relationships as well as to individuals. Unnecessary expressions of anger also cause your loved ones to distance themselves from you. If the husband and wife start talking and cursing each other, it not only spoils the home environment but also causes mental and physical pain. Anger is also forbidden by Islam for the same reasons so that it consumes the intellect. Many divorces are the result of anger.


The past belongs to every human being. Looking at the past, a good past is considered a guarantee of a good future, but have you ever wondered how the past is formed? The Past is actually a film of our present. People who live in the past also lose their future. A good marriage requires that you bury your past and live your life to the fullest. The past has passed and trying to bring back what has passed is futile.


Believing in someone is not as easy as people think. In terms of belief and credibility, it comes with great difficulty and when it comes, man surrenders himself to the one in front of him. In the same way, it is not possible for a person who has to spend his whole life to reach the goal of happiness if he does not believe in it. In many cases, the biggest and most compelling reason for a breakup is uncertainty about your spouse. If you are constantly trusting someone and he is constantly playing with you, know that person is not trustworthy and this relationship will not last long.

Bad habits 

It is often not known before marriage what bad habits the person in front of you has. In many places it was observed that the marriage did not take place because it was later found out that he was addicted to drugs, drank alcohol or chose infamous places to make his evenings colorful. To avoid such a situation, it is important to look before the wedding to see what the friends and environment are like where to get up and sit down.


Keeping secrets is certainly not an easy task. It's hard to hide a secret, especially in a long-term relationship. If your spouse hides something from you over and over again, you should talk openly once things get worse before it gets worse. Privacy is very important. Now, if either of them describes them to others, it is not only morally bad, but it also violates the sanctity of the relationship as well as hollows it out and sometimes leads to divorce.


Some people think that marriage should be done only when you are able to take responsibility for it. But it must be both passionate and courageous to accept responsibility. It is important to accept responsibility if something goes wrong, otherwise it is impossible for your relationship to go further when you keep blaming the other. Husbands and wives are like two wheels of a car. And if one of the two loads is put aside, being unbalanced can lead to a serious car accident. It is beneficial to avoid irresponsible behavior in your domestic affairs.


Man needs some kind of sympathy at every moment of life to understand him and with whom he can share his sorrows. Spouses can also find empathy in each other. And it is essential for the survival of a balanced relationship. For example, if your spouse is in financial trouble and you are constantly demanding that he or she not be in a position to do so at the moment, can you expect the person in front to treat you well? Will be able to He will soon get tired of you and be forced to think that the journey of life cannot pass with someone who is not sympathetic and does not understand me. In difficult situations, such compassion cannot be less than a divine blessing that understands man and strengthens him.


Narcissism is a mental illness in which a person falls in love with you to such an extent that he does not feel anything in front of him. It is very difficult for such people to live a happy married life and that is why the relationship breaks down. Such people cause pain not only for themselves but also for others. Apart from marriage, they do not prove to be very good in terms of friendship and social relations.


Respect is the most important thing in a relationship. If there is any connectionBetter a poor horse than no horse at all. If one partner does not respect the other and disrespects him, then he does harm that is irreparable. After a while, the relationship ends and it is said that life passes without love but respect. Without it, whether it's a matter of likes and dislikes or an ideological disrespect for the other party, it can be a big reason to break up.


Your financial distrust of your spouse can also damage the relationship. Often one party is accustomed to return more money, which makes it unreliable. A study published by the University of Birmingham found that husbands whose wives spend extravagantly do not have a happy marriage and are more likely to get divorced.


Relationship is about giving something and giving something. If you start receiving more than you give, the balance will not be maintained. If you are selfish in your relationship, your spouse may be attracted to someone else and this is definitely a sign of separation.

Thank you

Ingratitude is a big problem for human beings. An ungrateful person never has a real way to live. You have often seen people around you who seem to be ungrateful despite God's blessings. It is very difficult for such people to have a good relationship. Because they have a habit of being ungrateful. If your spouse works hard for you, earns money or tries to run the house well, thank him or her. Not with words but with his money so that he feels happy.

Don't forgive

Those who do not forgive in life and those who do not move forward are always in pain. People who do not forgive those who make mistakes in relationships continue to grieve themselves and increase remorse for the other person as well. Man is prone to mistakes and mistakes are made. If anyone is ashamed, forgive him and move on. Husbands and wives who do not forgive each other's mistakes do their part to separate themselves and each other.

Extraordinary expectations

Most relationships don't work out because we have unrealistic expectations of the person in front of us. No one can tell you the state of your heart, no one can surprise you all the time. He may not know what is going on in your mind. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Think of your fellow travelers as human beings and do not associate them with expectations that are beyond the reach of any human being, otherwise life can become a torment.


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