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15 Proven Health benefits of eating Chicken feet

health benefits of chicken feet

Chicken feet are not useless and if you find native chickens, you will be blessed with gold.

Do you find it disgusting to eat chicken claw curry? After reading this article, you too will be convinced of its usefulness.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture of a chicken. If you know what a charismatic food the collagen in chicken feet is, the capsules and tablets made of it are very expensive nowadays. Collagen strengthens bones, repairs and develops the soft bone between joints, the cartilage.

Nutrients present in Chicken feet

Collagen is the compound that keeps us young. It eliminates wrinkles. Keeps skin fresh and toned Dishes made from chicken feet are quite expensive due to their excellent taste and nutritional value. If we dislike them, it is our ignorance. Chicken feet are full of the following nutrients.

1. Protein proteins

2. Collagen

(Collagen helps to dissolve calcium in the body)

3. Zinc

4. Copper

5. Magnesium

6. Calcium

7. Phosphorus

8. Vitamins vitamins

Health benefits of chicken feet

Chicken meat is very tasty and has many health benefits. But you will be amazed to know as many health benefits of chicken claws. Here are some health benefits of chicken feet.

1. Collagen is absorbed into the bones and strengthens the bones

2. The pulp in the bones builds cartilage.

3. Strengthens the bone structure and improves the system.

4. Its use is very beneficial when the bones shrink.

5. Best for joint pain and sciatica. Especially for back pain, the elderly and mothers.

6. Calcium strengthens teeth and protects against gum disease.

7. Builds body tissues.

8. Makes skin healthy and fresh Keeps soft and young. Maintains skin elasticity.

9. Strengthens and strengthens the immune system.

10 Makes up for vitamin deficiencies.

11. Improves vision and promotes eye health and relaxation.

12 Relieves physical weakness and thinness.

13. To heal wounds, whether internal or external.

14. Helps in weight loss and speeds up the growth process of the body.

15 Improves digestion. Best for constipation and all stomach ailments

16. The best treatment for colds. Mucus eliminates the effects of cough, fever, and all other diseases caused by mucus or catching a cold.

17. Produces white blood cells

Use of chicken feet

It is mostly used in medicine. It is usually used as a secret ingredient to enhance the flavor of market and packaged foods. It is used in chicken flavors made for noodles, chicken stock and snacks.

Chicken feet soup

The best way to benefit from the nutrition and benefits of chicken feet is to make them into soups.

It can be made by adding it to your favorite soup, Chinese soup, or any vegetable soup. Adding claw yolks, especially to vegetable soups, will add chicken flavor to it, as well as a tremendous increase in nutrition.

How to clean chicken feet

Usually, the chicken sellers peel and clean the claws. To clean the claws of the chicken, cut the nails with a knife while cleaning the black marks under the claws with a knife. Boil in hot water for 5 minutes and then wash and use. Some people even burn and clean them before use. You can also have your claws cleaned by the shopkeeper where you get the chicken meat from. They are experts in this field.

How to make chicken feet soup?

It is not rocket science to make a chicken feet soup. See the below method to make chicken feet soup.


1 kg of chicken feet. Fifty grams of thickly chopped turmeric, one medium onion, ten to fifteen garlic cloves, crushed piece of ginger four inches long and two inches wide, a teaspoon of celery, 15 grains of black pepper, and salt to taste. 

Now, first of all, clean the chicken claws thoroughly, wash them, pour enough water in about two and a half liters, add all the spices and chopped onion in it. Cover and simmer over medium heat. 

When the heat comes out well and the water stays close to one liter, turn off the stove and leave it for two hours so that the ingredients of the claws are well absorbed and dissolved in the oven. After two hours, inspect the oven. 

Now sprinkle crushed hot spices on it and serve hot. If you are making soup with vegetables, add vegetables in the last 20 minutes of soup cooking. Do not cook vegetables for a full hour. If any grains are added to the soup. Such as corn, barley, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, or other beans, etc., they can be added at the beginning. This soup can be used for colds, flu, cough, chest mucus, joint pain, muscle weakness, and cold. Extremely useful for rescue. Blessing for the people of the cold region.


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