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7 proven Health Benefits of Gardening and Planting

Health Benefits of Gardening and Planting

We are well aware that gardening has the effects of therapy. It is good for our mental and physical health. That is why gardening exercises are emphasized all over the world and awareness is created among the people about the positive effects of gardening on mental and physical health so that they can improve their health by adopting this hobby.

According to experts, gardening is an excellent exercise, using all the 'muscle groups'. In addition, hard gardening activities such as mowing and digging are considered to be not only highly aerobic activities, but also to strengthen muscles.

 Health Benefits of Gardening and Planting

A green-house adorned with flowers, plants and vegetables not only enhances the beauty of any simple and ordinary place but also has a positive effect on the mental and physical health of the people living around it. That's why experts call gardening a healthy hobby and constructive activity. According to recent research, children who take up gardening have a positive effect on their mental and physical health and gardening helps in their moral training. ۔ Gardening strengthens your connection with nature. If you are not interested in gardening, we hope that after reading today's article and the amazing health benefits of gardening mentioned in it, you will definitely start gardening. Let us give you some information about the mental and physical health benefits of gardening.


The cause of weight loss


One of the best health benefits of gardening is it helps in weight loss. A large number of people around the world spend many hours in the gym to lose calories, but did you know that gardening is a balanced exercise that also reduces body calories? According to recent research, one hour of exercise can reduce 330 calories. Experts even believe that gardening 30 to 45 minutes three to five times a week is a good weight loss strategy.


A sense of responsibility


Gardening fosters a sense of responsibility. Taking care of flowering plants in the house and watering them regularly fosters a sense of responsibility in the household. When children see their adults taking care of and protecting the plants in the house from an early age, this passion also develops in them, which stays with them all their lives and is theirs in every aspect of life. This induction of a sense of responsibility is another benefit of gardening.

Heart disease


Horticulture is one of the best therapies to prevent and treat heart disease. According to a study, if children are involved in farming and gardening, they become interested in eating vegetables and fruits, a practice that protects them from blood pressure, cancer, heart disease and obesity. Dr. Charlotte Pratt, a scientist at NIH, says working in gardens and fields improves mental, physical and mental health and helps control blood pressure. So, there are many great health benefits of gardening for you.


A source of vitamin D.


Working outdoors is considered an important source of vitamin D, and gardening is one of them. In a study conducted in Italy, researchers found that sunlight is the most important source of vitamin D for people of all ages. Vitamin D increases the level of calcium, which is very important for our bones and the sun is one of the best sources of it. According to medical science, our body produces vitamin D faster in the sun. In addition to this natural source, vitamin D can also be obtained from certain foods.


Decreased risk of dementia

Dementia is a mental illness. According to statistics, one in ten people over the age of 56 suffer from dementia. A recent study of 2,800 people (aged 60) for about 16 years found that physical activity, especially gardening, reduced the risk of dementia in humans.


Exercise to change the mood


The whole process of gardening, such as digging for plants, planting them, pruning and growing vegetables, is a kind of exercise to improve the mood. According to a British report, just 30 minutes given to fix a home garden and take care of plants is better than a long time given to a gym.


Depression and stress reduction


Another health benefit of gardening is it helps to treat depression. According to experts, if you are suffering from mental stress or want to avoid heart disease, then start gardening as it will have a positive effect on your health. Research in Australia has shown that the scent of mowing leaves people refreshed and calm, so make gardening a habit. Do you know Marie Antoinette syndrome is caused by stress?

The duration of gardening

Experts believe that in order to live a healthy life, it is necessary to walk or run at a speed of 10,000 steps per day. It is estimated that 10,000 steps are about 5 miles. If you can't walk or run 5 miles a day, the second option you have is to engage yourself in various gardening activities for 60 minutes a day, the benefits of which are equivalent to running 5 miles.

According to experts, one hour of gardening is enough to burn you 300 calories.

You probably know that different types of exercise have different benefits. For example, if you want to strengthen your arms, it has its own specific exercise, so if you want to strengthen your leg muscles, it has to do its own specific exercise. Similarly, yoga or meditation is often recommended for mental health. One of the surprising positive aspects of gardening is that it is a 'universal exercise'. This means that gardening exercises have the same effects and benefits on every part of your body and even mental health.

Let's find out how a gardening activity or exercise positively affects our overall physical and mental health.

Effects on mental health

It is said that if you want peace of mind and contentment, move away from the mechanical environment and closer to the natural environment. Trees, plants, and above all the earth, all these things connect us to nature and just one of the virtues of gardening is enough to improve our mental health. In addition, when you spend time in the sun (remember to use sunscreen to protect your skin in the sun) it regulates your mood and you also get free vitamin D. Running on a treadmill does not bring you closer to nature, but gardening gives you the opportunity to be closer to nature.

Focusing feature

There is another benefit to gardening, it allows you to focus on one task at a time. This feature has been shown to have positive effects on mental health. In fact, there are many activities in our daily life that we have to try to focus on and spend our extra mental energy on, such as using smartphones, the internet, and other electronic gadgets. When our ability to concentrate is reduced or eliminated, our moods become tense and the process of thinking slows down. Gardening brings us closer to nature while providing us with a natural environment that allows us to focus effortlessly. This state of mind refreshes our mental energy.

Effects of gardening on physical health

According to the American Horticultural Therapy Association, gardening is an ideal exercise because it provides three types of fitness: strength, endurance and flexibility. Bending down to mow the lawn or reach for something higher gives the body flexibility. Digging or lifting gardening equipment increases physical strength. And if you've spent a day in your garden, you'll know how much gardening adds to your endurance. Of course, this is good news. But the good news is not limited to this.

Gardening Places

Even if you do not have a garden in your home, there is nothing to worry about. You can also grow vegetables, plants, and flowers on the balcony of your apartment or in your backyard. If nothing else, you can install these droplets in your home.

A great hobby for kids

If you have kids then they will definitely be enjoying the summer holidays. However, don't let their summer vacation go to waste, there's nothing to worry about if they don't join a summer camp. Let them do a 'summer gardening project' at home. This is the age at which children can develop healthy habits and skills that will help them throughout their lives. So say goodbye to smartphones this summer and hold your kids close to nature and let them get a little dirty in the dust.

So readers, embrace the gardening exercise and remember that the use of Leaf Blower, Gas Powered Turner, and Mowing Machine is forbidden and try to use these gardening gadgets forever after today. Stop using it because there is no better exercise than gardening.


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