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How to treat kidney disease with fruits naturally at home?

treat kidney disease with fruits naturally at home?

   The kidneys are like an anonymous hero in our body that removes waste and excess material while it also controls salt, potassium and acid levels, which keeps blood pressure normal, increases the amount of vitamin D in the body. And the red blood cells are at a balanced level.

But kidney disease can be very painful and even fatal.

Symptoms of kidney disease

      Symptoms of kidney damage are obvious, but by the time people pay attention, there is a lot of damage. Many times the kidneys are almost extinct but the symptoms do not appear, so the best way to avoid this is to control blood sugar and blood pressure.

      However, knowing the silent symptoms of kidney disease can also be life-saving and you should consult a doctor as soon as you come across them.

Swelling and weight gain

     The function of the kidneys is to expel wastes from the body in the form of fluid or urine. If the functions of the kidneys slow down or do not work, this fluid begins to accumulate in the body, resulting in permanent swelling in some parts of the body such as the legs. It seems.

Decreased urination

       The kidneys excrete most of the waste in the form of urine, and if there is a problem with this organ, there is a normal flow of urine, which can be a sign of kidney problems.

Excessive fatigue or drowsiness

        Kidney functions also include regulating an individual's hemoglobin levels. When this process is affected, there is a lack of blood, which results in a decrease in physical energy and you feel very tired or drowsy all the time. Are

Loss of appetite, nausea or difficulty thinking

       These problems occur when waste begins to accumulate in the body system instead of leaving the body and affecting other parts of the body such as the stomach and brain.

Increased blood pressure

     Once the kidneys are damaged, they cannot control blood pressure effectively, resulting in increased blood pressure in the arteries, which weakens the arteries and further damages the kidneys.

Heartbeat disorder

     If the kidneys are damaged, the amount of potassium in the body starts to increase which manifests in the form of an abnormally fast heartbeat.

How to treat kidney disease with fruits naturally

  There are also many fruits that can help reduce/treat or prevent kidney disease.

       According to experts, to prevent kidney disease, a person should consume less than 2,000 mg of sodium, 2,000 mg of potassium, and less than 1,000 mg of phosphorus daily, but some foods are high in them. , Which causes a person to suffer from kidney disease.

    Similarly, it is important to consume the least amount of protein to prevent kidney disease. It is better to consume 15 grams of protein daily for kidney improvement.

      People who eat the following fruits, which are easily available in the market, can be protected from kidney problems. The use of these fruits also fulfills the above requirements, and they also help the kidneys to filter the food and convert the food into hormones.


      Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, blueberries are useful not only for kidneys but also for diabetes, blood pressure, and heart disease.

Red grapes

      Rich in vitamin C and other nutrients, red grapes are also good for diabetes and heart disease, including kidney disease.


     Radish is also included in the diet, which is low in potassium and phosphorus and high in vitamin C, which is why it is beneficial for the kidneys, including the digestive system.

Pine Apple

      Rich in fiber and vitamin B, pineapple is good not only for kidneys but also for blood pressure.


    Mushrooms, which are rich in vitamin B and natural proteins, also help prevent kidney disease.


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